(Clearwisdom.net) I went back home for summer vacation this year. My aunt hurried to see me, showing fear in her face. She said, "I received a booklet which is against the Communist Party. I remembered you asked your uncle (my aunt's husband) to withdraw from the Communist Party. I am afraid you are involved in this. So I hurried over to tell you not to get involved. Who dares to be against the Communist Party? Even though it's very bad, it is in power. If you are against it, you will suffer. It's much more powerful than you."

I patiently let her finish her words and then said, "Aunt, you came over to tell me because you worry about me. People of your age have experienced what the Communist Party has done, so you are very afraid of it. Haven't you told me about these people who died in labor camps? What crimes have they committed? They were locked up until they died, just because they told the truth."

My aunt replied, "Yes. These people were very capable, and well educated. At that time, they were forced to carry big baskets of dirt to fix the roads, even though they were starving. They died as a result of the starvation and intense labor. In the 1960s, people in the labor camps almost died out. People who died late did not have the strength to bury the people who died before them. So the bodies were buried very shallowly. The smell of dead bodies was everywhere. Dead bodies were floating in the river, and crabs were climbing over them. No one dared to eat crabs, because they were afraid that the crabs ate dead human bodies. Bigger wooden signs were for an officer's grave, and smaller ones were for a soldier. Graveyards were several miles long. I am still afraid when I think of it today." She continued, "There were two big pits at the county hospital. No one knows how many babies' bodies were buried there. These babies had just come out of their mother's wombs. The babies were due, and their mothers were sent to the hospital. The babies were delivered after their mothers were given special shots. When the babies came out, their heads were dipped into water, so that they would not cry. After they died, their bodies were dumped in the big pits. The Communist Party has killed so many people. You did not experience the horror. That is why you are not afraid of it."

I said, "Aunt, I worry for you. I worry for you and your relatives. The Communist Party has killed so many people, and it fights against nature and humanity. Its crimes are so huge. Evil will be punished. Heaven will eliminate the Communist Party. You joined the Communist Party, and if you don't withdraw, you will share its fate. Do you want to risk your future for this most corrupt party? For your safety you should withdraw from the Communist Party."

My aunt understood this, and asked all her family members to withdraw from Communist Party later.