(Clearwisdom.net) I started to practice Falun Gong in 1996, and I have been working in a sensitive government agency of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). In 2001, my "solemn declaration" was published on the Clearwisdom.net website. Officials at my workplace forced me to go to a "transformation" center for forced brainwashing and threatened to send me to jail. With the attachments of fear and sentimentality, I was unable to oppose the old forces' arrangements and yielded. I then decided to catch up. At the beginning, I still had a severe attachment of fear, worrying about the officials at my workplace coming to persecute me. Later, I realized that I needed to use righteous thoughts to face them, since Teacher told us to do so.

The power of the Fa manifested itself. I was no longer afraid of these people. On the contrary, they were intimidated by me. They no longer came to bother me and were not so vicious when they ran into me. I even went to the person who was in charge of persecuting Falun Gong at my workplace and asked her to resolve my misplacement at work. She just shirked the responsibility and did not mention Dafa during the talk.

I then decided to clarify the truth to my colleagues. The attachment of fear came to the surface again. I worried that my colleagues might not be able to understand it or even tell the officials. I knew those thoughts were wrong. A practitioner should not have fear and has to let go of that attachment. So I started with a colleague in my office. One day, her child came to the office. As we talked, we spoke of the self-immolation, and the child said, "That is too scary, just like Falun Gong." I felt shocked. How could I clarify the truth to the child? The child's father is a department manager. I thought, "Will there be trouble if I clarify the truth to the child?" I calmed down and decided to clarify the truth to the child--after all, I should not be afraid. I first asked the child, "What do you think of me? Is your uncle a good person?" The child replied, "Yes, you are a good person." I then said, "Let me tell you the truth. You just said Falun Gong practitioners did the self-immolation in Tiananmen Square. That was actually staged. Falun Gong practitioners would not perform a self-immolation--it is the government that made up the story to deceive people..." The child happily accepted what I said. The effect was very good.

Another time during lunch in the dining hall, someone talked about the self-immolation. One colleague who did not know the truth said Falun Gong practitioners had performed the self-immolation. Without any hesitation, I said, "That was staged," and explained the facts. That colleague immediately realized, "Oh, it was staged."

At the end of last year, the CCP started another action to harm the sentient beings who did not know the truth by launching a campaign of Baoxian (meaning "maintaining the advantages of the party"). Teacher told us not to look for detours when confronting any difficulty, so I decided to clarify the truth to several officials. I first sent forth righteous thoughts to cleanse myself. Then I told the officials that I heard that the CCP launched the campaign of Baoxian due to the overseas publishing of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, which pinpointed the Party's fatal flaws. Then, I told them why I practiced Dafa and that Dafa is good. Although they still had confusion and worries, they were no longer against Dafa. They just kindly reminded me to be careful and not to talk about this issue casually. Later, from what they did, I could tell that they had more or less come to know the truth. As a result, they were very passive towards the campaign of Baoxian.

There are many stories like this, and I cannot list them all. I truly feel that as long as we can walk righteously with righteous thoughts, Dafa can do anything. Our great Teacher is very benevolent. Through the years, I have been staggering along the road of cultivation. It is Teacher who holds my hand so that I can make it through. Right now, almost all of my colleagues know the truth about Dafa, and they know that I am a Dafa practitioner. They are not against my cultivation. They just care about my safety under the harsh rule of the Party. Whenever I clarified the truth to a colleague, that person would tell me, "You can practice yourself, but you better not tell others that you are a practitioner. Someone else may report you to the police." Of course, because I was doing this totally for their benefit, nobody reported me to the police. From this we can see that because of the CCP's rule, the trust among people is very weak now.

Currently, I have fewer attachments of fear than before. Nonetheless, there are still some left. We create the surrounding environment, and every one of us has the responsibility to improve it. I will walk the cultivation path steadfastly by following Teacher's requirements. Let us be diligent together and be worthy of the title of "Fa-Rectification Period Dafa Disciples."