(Clearwisdom.net) I'm a young Dafa disciple from Nongan County, Jilin Province. I'm ten years old. I have studied the Fa with my family since early childhood. When I was too young to read, I only listened to the Fa and recited Hong Yin.

In 1999, Master and Dafa were wronged and persecuted by the Jiang scoundrel regime. To validate Dafa, my mother went to Beijing to appeal. Before she left, I told her: "If you see Master, please remember to mention that other people in our family also practice." Mom left and I was very happy thinking: This time Master also knows that I'm a young Dafa disciple. I was 5 years old and thought Mom would see Master.

I knew that Mom was doing a great thing, so I was very obedient at home. Later I heard that Mom and Grandmother and other fellow practitioners were arrested on the way, and were detained and persecuted in the local detention center. I was very sad and I cried. Mom and Grandmother went on hunger strike and they were released two weeks later. At Grandmothers' home, when I saw my mother, I did not run to her like a child of an ordinary person. All the people were looking at me, and I calmly approached Mom and told her: "I did not let Dafa down."

With the progress of Master's Fa rectification, it becomes more and more urgent for Dafa disciples to validate Dafa. I became more diligent and I studied Fa, practiced the exercises, clarified the truth, and sent forth righteous thoughts with my family. I am an active child, and I know that Master is protecting me every moment. When my family is studying Master's articles, I can recite them after listening several times, and I also practice the exercises when my family practices.

Once, on the way to school, I suddenly had a stomachache. I put down my schoolbag and sat on the roadside and sent forth righteous thoughts. I was OK after a while. At school I clarified the truth about Dafa to all my classmates, and handed out truth-clarifying flyers and pamphlets to my teacher. I also helped some of my classmates to quit the Young Pioneers, and gave them bookmarks and cards with the words: "Falun Dafa is Good."

The school raises a flag every week, and I stand in the front row. We are required to raise our right hand in front of the Communist flag, but I am a Dafa disciple and will not do this. I recited "Falun Dafa Hao" silently and felt my neck with my right hand. After I mentioned this to Mom, she told me to send forth righteous thoughts. I sent forth righteous thoughts to stop the flag raising and told my classmates to stop singing the Communist anthem. Since then, they quit holding the flag ceremony.

I listen to one tape of Master's Fa lectures every day. One time, I wanted to play so I fast-forwarded the tape. When I talked with Mom, she said that Master told us: cultivation is serious and that our every thought is known by Master. I cried and Mom asked me why. I told her about the mistake of fast-forwarding the tape. Mom told me very seriously: "Immediately confess your wrongdoing to Master." I told Master that I would never do that again and that I want to be a qualified Dafa disciple. That night Mom had a dream in which she saw me falling from a house and she went to catch me but failed and I fell down to the ground and stood up with smile. I realized that, although I made a mistake, if I stood up after falling, Master still accepts me as a disciple.

On the path of validating the Fa, I will be more diligent and do the three things well and be a qualified young disciple.