(Clearwisdom.net) I could hardly calm down for a long time after hearing and seeing a few things while sharing experiences with fellow practitioners. I thought that this has an impact on how ordinary society would view Dafa disciples. I would like to talk about it in hopes that it might help us improve together.

1. The issue of credibility from subtle things

The principles of "Zhen, Shan, Ren" (Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance) should be applied to all aspects in our cultivation life. Whatever we make a commitment to in our everyday life and during our cultivation, we have to stick with it, no matter how difficult.

If we said it once, twice and three times and we didn't carry it out, we don't even measure up to ordinary people's standard of "Zhen" (truthfulness). If such things happen among fellow practitioners, they may consider that we are all cultivators and we have shortcomings, so it is forgiven. If this happens between a cultivator and an ordinary person, what kind of impression will people get about Dafa? What kind of obstacle will it generate for the truth clarification process we are going through?

2. Details reveal problems in our mindset

Master said, "...he is full of great aspirations while minding minor details." (Sage, Essentials for Further Advancement) If our current cultivation environment improves, it is the result of many years of efforts from all Dafa disciples. But, can we overlook security-related details now that the situation is better? We still need to be very careful and consider all the details. We can't be like the person that Master warned us against becoming, who holds Master's book and stands on the street calling out loudly, "I have Master's protection and don't care about getting hit by a car." Wouldn't it reflect a problem in our attitude if we thought that way? Wouldn't it be reflecting an attachment to showing off?

3. Attitudes toward Dafa are reflected in the details of how we handle our daily lives

Some practitioners set the following requirements for their children at this stage of Fa-rectification: doing well the three things that Master asked is good enough. Everything else, such as doing well at school, is not a priority. We should keep in mind that they are young disciples. As students they should do well in their assignments so as to demonstrate that Dafa disciples are good people, no matter where they are. Acting this way will then be a true representation of Dafa disciples in ordinary society.

What we encounter most often during cultivation are these subtle things. These small things and details constitute our daily cultivation life. Every detail and tiny thing during cultivation helps to determine the success or failure of each step in our cultivation process.