In late June this year, a local practitioner was illegally arrested. She died that night. This incident caused much discussion in our area.

We all thought that practitioner was very diligent in cultivation. She did very well the three things that Teacher had asked us to do. She maintained powerful righteous thoughts. She had been arrested and detained in forced labor camps several times; however, she always broke through with righteous thoughts. She had also passed many tribulations. How could she die overnight? I would like to share my some of my thoughts.

The police followed her and suddenly demanded to search her. The police confiscated Teacher's pictures in her purse. She died that night in a detention center. Her death is a superficial manifestation of the persecution in this dimension; however, what is the true cause of her death? We should look inside for everything that happens. This practitioner's death must be connected to us, since all practitioners are one body.

Others who personally knew this practitioner remember that, days before her death, she said something like, "I'm exhausted. My cultivation path is bitter. I'm not a good practitioner. Other practitioners are not willing to contact me. My current state is not good. If I die in this persecution, I want to die in a prison, because I don't want any bad people to use my death to defame the Fa." She was a brave practitioner. She had the courage to clarify the truth even to the police. Why was she so pessimistic?

When we reflect on the incident, we find that pressure from fellow practitioners might have caused her negative thoughts. Some practitioners thought, since she had been arrested several times, police would monitor her. These practitioners feared that contact with her would expose them to the evil. She had difficulty in getting truth-clarification materials. We would not notify her of our local Fa conferences, nor would we allow her to attend. She lost the environment to talk with fellow practitioners and improve. She was ostracized from the one body. She must have felt frustrated and sad. She could not break through this barrier on her own. She planned to move to another place and even thought about death.

The evil closely watches practitioners. Her separation from other practitioners and her pessimism gave the evil an excuse to intensify the persecution.

She died from the persecution. All of us should reflect on this. Have we met the Fa's requirements all the time? Did we follow the path arranged by the old forces? Her unrighteous thoughts contributed to her death, but we have shortcomings as one body. As one body, when we see a practitioner sustain severe persecution, we should clarify the facts together to expose the evil. We should send forth righteous thoughts together to eliminate the evil elements. We should not blame our fellow practitioner or make her feel bad. We are here to save sentient beings. We are supposed to help each other. When our fellow practitioners suffer tribulations, we need to remind them to study the "Fa" and strengthen righteous thoughts. We should not shun them, for doing so is an attachment to fear. When each of us acts righteously, such tragedies cannot happen again. She could have saved many more people, if she were still alive!

This practitioner's death is a serious lesson. We need to be clear-minded. We need to study the Fa to strengthen our righteous thoughts. We are Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples. We need to walk the path arranged by Teacher. We need to use the Fa instead of human notions in judging what we see and do. When the police monitor us, we should completely deny the old forces' arrangements, so that those means would not affect us. However, when our thoughts or actions are on the human level, bad people can take advantage of us. Of course, we need to rationally clarify the truth to save sentient beings. Nonetheless, we need to pay attention to security and safety issues. True safety, however, comes from righteous thoughts and righteous actions based on the Fa. When we deviate from the Fa, we cannot possibly be safe.