(Clearwisdom.net) My husband is in his thirties and he is a kind and simple-hearted man. There are five of us in our immediate family, and our three children and I all practice Falun Dafa. Although my husband does not cultivate in Dafa, he also believes in Master Li and respects the Fa.

"It was probably Master Li who was telling me not to do wrong"

My family lives in a city in Henan Province. We have a truck and my husband supports the family by transporting goods for others. One afternoon, my husband came home after driving and as soon as he stepped into the yard he said, "My lower back aches, I can hardly stand it." I asked him what caused the pain, and if it was because his back was injured while loading and unloading the goods or if it was caused by fatigue from driving. He said it wasn't caused by anything that he knew of.

I was puzzled: my husband had always been healthy and never had pain in his back. After we started to practice Falun Gong, he should have directly benefited from our practice too. He should not have had any problems. Then I asked him: "Have you done anything that you should not have done?"

Hearing what I said, my husband started to recall. Then he slapped his forehead and sat up in bed. He said to my shyly: "I remember now. When I was transporting goods for a construction company today, I saw a pile of bamboo fencing in the field. So I put two of them into my truck, thinking that it would be convenient to use them to block two sides of the truck when I transported the goods again. As soon as I put them into the truck, my back started to ache and it's has been aching all day long. Upon your asking, now I understand that I should not have taken such petty gain unfairly. It was probably Master Li who was telling me not to do wrong."

I then told him: "Everyone makes mistakes sometimes. We correct it once we make a mistake. We don't want these two pieces of fence. Let's take them back to the field when you transport the goods again."

My husband said, " Ok, Ok." While he was speaking, his back stopped aching. My husband jumped out of bed and said to me with a smile: "Dafa is truly amazing! I won't dare to do wrong any more in the future."

My husband reminds me to send forth righteous thoughts

My husband is very supportive of our cultivation. He strongly supported us to buy a tape recorder to use for our practice. He can also understand our stepping out to clarify the truth. Even during the period when the evil was most rampant and lots of Dafa practitioners nearby were arrested and cruelly persecuted, he never opposed our going out at night to clarify the truth or hang Dafa banners. He believes that Dafa practitioners are the best people who do the most righteous and good things. Every day, I was busy doing housework as well as farming. I also had to squeeze in time to practice the exercises, study the Fa, and clarify the truth. I was busy and tired every day, so that I did not do well in sticking to the global simultaneous sending out of righteous thoughts at midnight. It often happened that I went to bed at around 10:00 p.m. and immediately fell asleep. When I woke up, it was already dawn. I was very upset about missing sending righteous thoughts. Seeing this situation, my husband bought an alarm clock, set up the time and reminded me of the time. Since we have had this alarm, I have been doing better at sending righteous thoughts at midnight. When my husband transports goods out of town and stays over, he will call home at midnight to tell me that he is safe, as well as to remind me to send righteous thoughts.

Deep respect for Master

I obtained the Fa in 1999. Several months after that, the cruel persecution of Dafa started. During the Spring Festival when all families gather together and lanterns and streamers were decorated, we Dafa disciples in Mainland China miss our Master overseas even more and appreciate even more Master's grand compassion and infinite grace. So every eve of the Spring Festival, my children and I elaborately prepare desserts, fruit and dishes and respectfully present them in front of Master's picture. Then I lead the children (three little fellow practitioners) to press both hands together in front of their chest to wish happiness for our Master and Master's family during the Spring Festival, expressing our most sincere appreciation to Master, and showing our determination to do the three things well and fulfill our holy mission. Every time, my husband always stands outside of the room and watches us in silence. Then when we go to the kitchen and are busy in there, my husband would stand in front of Master's picture alone and without being seen, press both of his hands in front of his chest and greet Master.

Written on August 10, 2005