(Clearwisdom.net) We learned in early 2005 that many Falun Dafa practitioners detained at Wafangdian Prison in Dalian City, Liaoning Province were severely tortured. During detention, they were constantly beaten by guards and inmates. As a result of cruel torture, three practitioners suffered broken ribs and many others were severely injured.

Article 248 of the Chinese Criminal Law stipulates: "Personnel in detention centers and correction centers who beat up and physically abuse inmates or detainees, in a severe case, will be sentenced to three years in prison. In an extremely serious case, he would be sentenced from three to ten years in prison. If the torture results in permanent physical or mental damage or death, one should be severely punished according to Article 232 and Article 234." Armed with this information, in April of 2005, over ten Falun Gong practitioners detained at Wafangdian Prison jointly filed a lawsuit with the Liaoning Provincial Bureau of Labor Camps against Lu Chuangui (the instructor of Wafangdian Prison), Li Xu (division instructor), Liu Chenglin (division instructor) and other personnel who were involved in the torture.

In May of 2005, the Bureau of Labor Camps ordered Wang Tao, the deputy director of the Discipline Committee in Wafangdian Prison, to represent the prison and investigate and resolve this issue. However, during the process, Wang Tao twisted the truth. Regarding the issue of Falun Gong practitioners being tied up on a death bed, beaten and not allowed to use the toilet, Wang Tao claimed: "It is not a 'death bed’, it is a 'multi-function bed’ used for isolating infectious patients. It is commonly used in prisons."

Does this imply that all patients with infectious diseases need to be tied up and beaten? When practitioners’ families asked why the practitioners had bruises all over, Wang Tao claimed, "You saw the bruises, but I did not see them. You cannot see the bruises now."

During a visit, practitioner She Yue told his/her mother, "My rib is broken due to the severe beating. It is now still protruding. You can feel it." At that moment Lu Chuangui who was monitoring their conversation shouted: "Stop your conversation!" Later Lu Chuangui promised to She Yue’s mother that this would never happen again. One week later, when she visited She Yue, she saw many new bruises on his/her face and neck. This kind of incident happens at Wafangdian Prison frequently. The families of Falun Gong practitioners can testify to it. Wang Tao denied all of these facts and said, "Even if all of your family witnessed it, what can you do if Lu Chuangui denies it?"

As law enforcement workers for the nation, they dare not admit their crimes because they know that everything they are doing violates the law. Admitting it is to announce that they are guilty and this will subject them to punishment by the law. Therefore they try everything possible to cover up and deny their crimes. But how can they dare to do so? Because they have mistakenly attached themselves to the Chinese Communist Party, which stands above the law, human rights and morality, and which is about to collapse.

July 29th 2005