(Clearwisdom.net) I first saw Falun Gong being practiced in a park in Sweden seven years ago. I was in Sweden for my girlfriend's wedding. A group of friends were walking through Gothenburg and we saw some people doing the exercises. I stopped to watch them and found myself joining in to learn the exercises. It was very funny: a woman with blonde hair was teaching me the exercises in Swedish, I was following along as best as I could, and when she was done, I said something to her in English and she laughed and said "Oh, I could have been teaching you in English all along." Turns out she was from England.

I was very impressed by the practitioners, and even though it started to rain and my friends had to wait for me, I learned the exercises as best as I could. Afterwards, I spoke to a practitioner who told me how wonderful the practice was, how he was impressed as there is never a cost to do the practice, and how he had even gotten the opportunity to go to China. Incredible! I walked away thinking "Wow, that is a great practice. Too bad it is only in Europe."

The following summer I went to Montreal for a jazz festival and saw practitioners in a park in Chinatown doing the exercises! I was very happy and joined in to do the exercises once again. I thought, "Well, at least this is closer than Sweden!"

Then, the next spring I was in Massachusetts for a Whole Health Expo and saw practitioners who had a booth there! I was excited and went to talk to them and asked if they knew anybody in Connecticut who does the practice where I live. They gave me a flyer with a contact from Glastonbury. I called and this practitioner told me that there is a person who lives where I live and does the exercises every day at a university. I called him and proceeded to learn the exercises from him. I started the practice in April 2000 and have been practicing ever since. I feel that I have a predestined relationship with Falun Dafa.

It has helped me to become a better person. I am calmer, more clearheaded and rational, especially in chaotic work situations. My physical health has improved, I no longer go to a chiropractor for back pain and I no longer need any medications.

Falun Dafa is good!