An Unforgettable Scene: A Woman Refusing to Renounce Her Faith Though Covered in Ice and Ruthlessly Beaten


This is a story told by a woman with only a grade school education from a rural village, in which she briefly described the incident.

Coldness and an evil atmosphere covered Xinle, a small city located in the Shijiazhuang area, Hebei Province.

Numerous Falun Gong Practitioners Became Disabled or Died from Torture at Division 1 of the Fushun City Police Department

( The perpetrators at Division 1 of the Fushun City Police Department have been persecuting Falun Gong practitioners since July 20, 1999. One police officer said to a practitioner, "Each one of us has to kill three Falun Gong practitioners to meet the quota. You are the first for me. What would you think if I poured gasoline on you and claimed that you burned yourself?"

Daqing Police Illegally Arrest and Detain Several Falun Dafa Practitioners

( Since its establishment in the end of 2004, personnel from the Babaishang Branch of the Daqing Police Department have been using ruthless and vicious methods to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners.

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