(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Lin Feng from Nanchong City, Sichuan Province was arrested at her home on February 1, 2003. She was sentenced to forced labor and brutally tortured almost to death inside the camp. She finally passed away on July 26, 2005. Ms. Lin Feng was 36 years old.

On February 1, 2003 (Chinese New Year), police stormed into her home, ransacked it, and arrested her. Police confiscated all of her Falun Dafa books and materials, and she was sentenced to three years at forced labor. She was sent to Chengdu City Prison initially and then transferred to the Nanmusi Women Labor Camp, located in Zizhong County.

In the Nanmusi Labor Camp, Ms. Lin Feng was most cruelly tortured physically and mentally by the prison guards. When the family came to visit her, the guards told her family, "We used all sorts of torture methods, but she refused to accept the brainwashing."

For remaining steadfast and refusing to disavow her faith in Dafa, Ms. Lin was injected with nerve-damaging drugs, and she suffered a nervous break down. Her entire body was sickened by the effects of the drugs. She suffered severe swelling in parts of her body and was unable to walk. She then suffered kidney failure and was in critical condition. The prognosis of the doctors was that she would soon die. The State Security agents notified her family to take her home in June of 2005. They forced her family to sign documents absolving them of any liability in Ms. Lin's death.

When Ms. Lin was in the hospital, Nanchong City State Security agents monitored her closely day and night. Fellow practitioners went to visit, risking their own arrest. When they checked her body, which was covered with bruises, Ms. Lin told her fellow practitioners, "There is no good place on my body."

The doctors announced many times that she was dying and needed blood-cleansing daily. The State Security agents continued to harass and threaten her until the end. Ms. Lin Died at 5 AM on July 26, 2005.