(Clearwisdom.net) Not long ago, 19 out of 20 practitioners from our city were arrested during our local Fa Conference. A lot of rumors arose about the reasons for the arrest. Some say that a certain person was a secret agent or collaborator; some blame it on two practitioners from outside our region; some others say it was due to a certain person who had been sent to Masanjia Labor Camp earlier, etc. Later, it was verified that they were all rumors. We must pay attention to this situation. Master says in "Cultivation of Speech" in Zhuan Falun:

"The cultivation of speech that we teach refers to: that which involves one's reputation and personal gain that cannot be given up among everyday people, that which has nothing to do with the actual work of practitioners in society, the senseless gossiping among practitioners in the same school of practice, attachments that cause one to show off, hearsay or circulating rumors, or those discussions on some social issues that one is excited about. I hold that these are all attachments of everyday people. I think that in these areas we should watch what we say--that is the cultivation of speech we refer to."

When you listen to hearsay, have you thought about why it was you that heard it? Out of what mentality do you spread it? If you pass it on with your attachment, aren't you creating karma? Master says in Zhuan Falun:

"If you carry a considerable amount of energy, whatever you say will have an impact. If something is not that way, but you have told someone that it is that way, you may have committed a bad deed."

This reminds me of an earlier incident, where a practitioner was said to have been hospitalized and diagnosed with over 30 illnesses. Would you negate or accept this information? Even though it was an illusion, if you accepted it, wouldn't you have unknowingly created more tribulations for that practitioner?

When fellow practitioners are arrested and persecuted, we must act and coordinate as one body and treat their rescue as our own concern. Failing to do so, or even looking for gaps in the cultivation of fellow practitioners and spreading rumors about who is a secret agent, etc., would be falling into the trap arranged by the old forces.

We are Fa Rectification period Dafa disciples, and we must completely negate the arrangements by the old forces. We are also one body. The business of any practitioner is the business of every practitioner, and the persecution of one practitioner is the persecution of all practitioners and of Dafa. It is the responsibility of every practitioner to safeguard Dafa. Let us not do anything that could be used as a loophole by the evil. Let us keep in our hearts all the sentient beings and Dafa as one body, do the three things well and try our best to fulfill our prehistoric pledge. Only then can we say that we are true practitioners and step forward diligently in Fa rectification.

This is just my shallow understanding. Please correct anything that is improper.