All My Friends Have Quit

"'Have you quit the CCP?' This is the most commonly seen message on China Internet's QQ message board," said a Chinese tourist who traveled abroad.

On July 26, a practitioner happened to run into a tourist group just leaving China. As soon as he mentioned withdrawing from the CCP, a tourist exclaimed, "We all know about it! The most popular message posted on the Internet by students and friends is 'Have you quit the CCP?'"

Hearing this first-hand account, the practitioner was elated and thought it too good to believe. He asked, "But doesn't the webmaster delete the messages immediately?" The tourist replied, "Even if he deletes the messages right away, so many people are posting this message that you get to read it anyway. Message boards are swamped with this message!"

The practitioner asked, "Didn't the CCP media claim that the withdrawals from the CCP were just a rumor? Even the Hong Kong-based Phoenix TV reported this."

"Ah! That Phoenix TV is run by the CCP. It (the CCP) plays the good guy first and then the bad guy. It lies this way, then lies the other way," responded the tourist.

The tourist then looked at the practitioner, lowered his voice and said cautiously, "All my friends have quit the CCP." The practitioner immediately understood that this was how the Chinese were able to express themselves under a totalitarian regime, and that this statement was speaking for them.

Now a lot of ordinary people are passing around information about the Nine Commentaries and quitting the CCP. The practitioner sighed, "Hopefully more precious Chinese can become clearheaded like this tourist. I hope pretty soon my fellow countrymen can enjoy real freedom."

"I Too Am No Longer Scared, I Too Want to Withdraw from the CCP"

One day, a young man who delivered school lunches to students found a practitioner and said, "Help me withdraw from the CCP. There are statements by people who have withdrawn from the Chinese Communist Party organizations posted on my building's hallway. I can tell that this gangster regime that kills innocent people arbitrarily is doomed to collapse soon, so I've decided to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Youth League and related organizations." He then wrote down his name.

Another practitioner went to her sister's home. Her sister walked her to the door when she left. In the hallway they saw the statements by people who had withdrawn from the Chinese Communist Party organizations. The practitioner pointed to a statement and let her sister read it. After reading it, her sister said, "The CCP is so cruel and barbaric. Look at what's written here. The CCP does not build constructive projects or improve people's living standards. They only start political movements and kill good people. How wicked it is! And as for you, you just practice the exercises to improve your health. You didn't do anything bad at all. Yet, the CCP persecuted you so cruelly that you were forced to leave home and wander around from place to place to avoid the persecution. They hurt you so much that you don't have a way out. As a matter of fact, I thought about quitting the CCP after reading the Nine Commentaries, but I was a little scared. Now that I've seen other people dare to post their withdrawal statements, I'm no longer frightened. The CCP is about to end. I too want to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Youth League. Would you help me quit the Youth League?"