On the morning of July 16, 2005, Tian Lihui and another man from Li County's "610 Office broke into the home of Ms. Xie Ali. They immediately brought in a whole gang of policemen, 16 all together. Liu Wenli, deputy chief of the Public Security Bureau, led the raid.

They rummaged though all the chests and cupboards and confiscated 700 copies of truth clarification materials, 40 or so copies of The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, 30 or so CDs, staplers, tape recorders and Dafa books. At that time Ms. Ali was not home, so they arrested her husband, took him to the police station, and interrogated him for eight hours. The deputy director of the 610 office, Xu Yonggang, was determined to put Ms. Ali's husband into a labor camp. Li Shujuan, the National Defense Brigade (formerly the Political Defense Division) deputy captain and the one who reported practitioner Yan Xiaoge to the police, would not let Ms. Xie's husband go home. Later, with other people pleading for him, he was released at around 7 p.m. The police even told him to find his wife within five days or else they would sentence him. Ms. Xie's daughter just recently graduated from junior high school, and this huge and unexpected catastrophe that has suddenly befallen her family has distressed her greatly.

A couple of years ago, Ms. Xie was sentenced to the Baoding Forced Labor Camp. Her daughter frequently cried alone and dared not let her father see her tears since she did not want him to feel sad. When she saw other kids strolling with their parents, her biggest desire was to go to the labor camp to see her mom on visitation days. She hoped, and even dreamed, that her mother would come home. She wrote to her mother, saying, "Mother, we are in the most difficult situation! During the evenings, I frequently hold my comforter in my mouth and cry until daylight by myself. During the day I still have to smile to accompany dad." When her mother finally came back, the little girl was extremely happy. Her mother is a Dafa disciple, and her mission of saving sentient beings still rests on her shoulders. Therefore, after she was released, she made nothing of her hardships and continued to clarify the truth about Falun Gong to people. For this, however, the police attempted to arrest her again. In order to avoid further persecution, Ms. Xie was again forced by the police to be homeless and live on the streets. She has a home she cannot return to and elderly relatives and children she cannot take care of. Her daughter finally had her happy family reunited, and then it was lost to her again.

In the past two days, Deputy Secretary Ning Hongmao of the county party committee convened another meeting regarding the topic of Falun Gong.

In addition, Dafa disciple Mr. Zhao Guo from Wujiaying Village, Guodan Town, Li County, was imprisoned in the Baoding brainwashing class for more than two months. Afterwards he was secretly taken to the Mancheng prison.

Wujiaying Village Party Secretary Li Huishe has a family business called the Hebei Great Ocean Group. Its products include Great Ocean Food Products and Great Ocean medicine and yarn, which are sold domestically as well as outside of China.

Ocean Group: 86-312-6011377, 86-312-6011111, Fax: 6-312-6011333. Postal Code: 071403

Military Camp Gas Station:

Li Junyi: 86-312-6018666
Li Zehui: 86-312-6018038, 86-312-6018664, 86-312-6019111, 86-312-6019666
Li Zeqiang: 86-312-6018660
Wang Jianxun: 86-312-6018135
Zhao Zhanliang: 86-312-6018398, 86-312-6019560
Zhao Ziying: 86-312-6018669
Military Battalion Eight Da Wool Factory: 86-312-6018900
Military Battalion Eight Da Dye Factory: 86-312-6018295

July 22, 2005