(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Li Shue is a practitioner in Yitong County, Jilin Province. She has been illegally jailed in Jilin Province Women's Forced Labor Camp at Heizuizi for over a year. Around 10 p.m. one day in July, guard Yu Po from Team II directed two female inmates to drag Ms. Li into the discipline room. Guard Yu then began to beat Ms. Li. She kicked her back, chest, arms and legs, and punched her head until Ms. Li could not move. Ms. Li's whole body was bruised, and she had headaches and felt dizzy, dazed, and depressed.

Ms. Li is over 50 years old. After the beating, her health deteriorated drastically. Her family members were greatly concerned and seven of them went to visit her on July 19. They found that she was in terrible shape and asked her if she had been mistreated. With the captain of Team II, Mr. Ren, and guard Yu Po watching, Ms. Li told her family members about the beating. Yu admitted that she beat Li but said defiantly, "My last name is Yu, first name Po. Why don't you guys go and sue me. I was carrying out my job. I tried to take away her book. She resisted and yelled, 'Falun Dafa is good.'" The family members asked captain Ren, "Is beating inmates allowed in the labor camp?" Captain Ren said, "There is no beating in the labor camp. I was not aware of this matter." Then he asked Li, pretending that he cared, "Why didn't you report to me earlier?" But underneath he had no true intention of solving the problem at all.

From conversations with the guards, it was learned that the labor camp forced practitioners to sing songs praising the CCP and to say that the CCP is good. They would be persecuted if they refused. Ms. Li's refusal to cooperate with the camp caused the guard to hate her. Ms. Li said, "The labor camp forces practitioners to work over 10 hours a day, push us to the limit." Due to the beating, persecution, and prolonged labor, Li is skinny and depressed. She is pale and cannot walk properly but is still forced to glue toy birds for over 10 hours everyday.