(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner, Mr. Liu Yuhe from Huadian City, Jilin Province, was arrested and illegally sent to Jiutai Forced Labor Camp. On July 27, Liu Yuhe's family arrived at Jiutai Forced Labor Camp to visit him. His family made persistent requests to the labor camp director to see him, and were finally permitted a brief visit at 2 p.m. that afternoon, under the condition that no conversation would be allowed between the family and Liu Yuhe, and that the family only could see Liu Yuhe, Liu Yuhe could not see them. Since Liu Yuhe's family wanted to see him urgently, they agreed to these conditions.

Liu Yuhe's family arrived at the labor camp at 2 p.m. in the afternoon, but they did not get to see Liu Yuhe until 4 p.m., and it was just for a moment. The visit took place on the second floor of the building, where Liu Yuhe was more than 10 meters away from his family and behind double glass. Liu Yuhe's face appeared waxy yellow and he had lost so much weight that he looked very different from before. The family was not even sure whether he was Liu Yuhe or not. Then he was taken away.

After leaving the labor camp, Liu Yuhe's family decided they still wanted to see Liu Yuhe, so they went to the labor camp again the next day. After numerous difficulties, the labor camp finally allowed the family to talk to Liu Yuhe through a phone. It was only then that Liu Yuhe's family found out about the torture Liu Yuhe had experienced while he was detained in Huadian: after he had been on hunger strike for eight days at the Huadian Detention Center, prison physician Li Gui and Hongshi Township police station policeman Fong Zhengshan sent Liu Yuhe to the local hospital for force-feeding through a feeding tube. With Li Gui stepping on the thumb cuffs which bound Liu Yuhe's two thumbs behind his back and Fong Zhengshan stepping on Liu Yuhe's foot shackles, a rubber tube was and forced into Liu Yuhe's nostril. Soon Liu Yuhe had blood coming out of his nose. He was force-fed this way until the feeding was finished.

At the National Security Brigade of Huadian Public Security Bureau, policeman Liu Jingji tied Liu Yuhe on the Tiger Bench during interrogation. They made Liu Yuhe wear a metal helmet and then hit the helmet with a metal hammer continuously for four hours - this is called the "brain-shaking machine." This type of torture can leave people with severe physical impairment: quadriplegia, mental disorientation, concussion etc. Policeman Jiang Honghai also participated in inflicting this torture.

While at the Huadian Detention Center, Liu Yuhe was force-fed with six bottles of mustard oil. This kind of torture can result various stomach diseases, stomach ulcers, etc. These tortures inflicted severe physical damage on Liu Yuhe.

In addition, Liu Yuhe's motorcycle was confiscated by the Hongshi Township police station, and his cellular phone, camera and money were taken from him without issuing a receipt. Liu Yuhe had been carrying 161 yuan in cash, but policeman Liu Jingji only returned 61.1 yuan to him with no word about the remaining money or the cellular phone.