(Clearwisdom.net) On August 10, 2002, several policemen including Wang Yizhang, Shen Zhongguo, and Xiao Hongjun from the Peiying Police Station in Yushu City, Jilin Province, came to my home. Since there wasn't anybody at home at the time, they found out from my neighbor where my sister lived. Two policemen from the national security bureau went to my sister's home, where I was visiting, pried the door open and told her, "There was a gun stolen. We are here to check your ID." They charged into the house and took me by force to the security brigade headquarters without giving any reason.

At the security brigade, the police had me sit on an iron chair and cuffed my hands behind my back. While interrogating me, they continued to beat me in an attempt to find out what I had been doing and the whereabouts of my cell phone (while Shi Hailin took notes). When I didn't tell them anything, they stepped on a chain to tighten the handcuffs, causing them to cut into my wrists. This caused my left hand to be numb for more than two months. They used the handle of a pickaxe to hit my shins for more than 30 minutes. They also used it to smash my toes. The nail of the fourth toe on my right foot came off a month later. After they finished beating me, they unlocked the handcuffs and tried a different torture method. They forced my left arm to go over my shoulder and my right arm behind my back and tied my hands together. They then inserted 6 or 7 Coke bottles between my arms and my body, making my arms feel like they were being split open. My whole body was in excruciating pain. Not being satisfied with what they had done, they then unlocked the handcuffs, used a wet towel to tie my hands tighter, and again inserted 6 or 7 Coke bottles as well as the handle of the pickaxe between my arms and body. Two policemen then lifted me up by lifting the handle of the pickaxe. Because I was tied to the iron chair, the chair was lifted up as well. Words cannot describe how much pain I was in.

I was tortured from three in the afternoon until eleven that evening, more than 8 hours. Although I almost lost consciousness, the police did not stop torturing me. An intern at the brigade, who had tortured me the most, said, "Wait until I am dispatched to the Chungchun Zhaoyang Forced Labor Camp; I'll tidy you up there." I don't know what other types of torture they used on me. My arms were injured everywhere. Many of the wounds took more than two years to heal. For over three years I was unable to lift my arms over my shoulders.

In the late part of January 2003, the Yushu Court brought a suit against me stating I'd be sentenced that August. After I wrote a statement to appeal, Wang Tiemin, the head of the detention center, snatched the statement from me and said to me fiercely, "Use your mouth to appeal." Before the beginning of the court session, Shao Xiaoming, a judge in the Yushu Court, came to the detention center and threatened me, "You will not be allowed to say anything about the injustice against your teacher and Dafa. You will only be allowed to answer questions."

At about 4 a.m. on the day court opened, a large group of local military police and bailiffs came. They locked our hands behind our backs and forbade us to sit, talk or raise our heads on our way to the court. The bailiffs were watching videos taken from the trial proceedings of Falun Gong practitioners in the Chungchun Nanguan Court.

During the court session, some practitioners spoke of the injustices and were beaten with electric batons right there in the courtroom. They quickly read the charges and took us back to the detention center.

During the trial, police from the national security brigade and the Peiying Police Station went to search my home. On the third day, 6 or 7 police officers from the brigade came to our home again and threatened my mother. They lied to my mother saying that I had given her my cell phone. They told my mother to give them the cell phone or she'd be arrested. Our fourteen-month-old baby was ill and crying incessantly, but they wouldn't give in. My father and sister asked them, "Do you guys have any conscience left at all?" Then, they left.

At about 5 a.m. on November 20, 2003, the police used the same method to take me to court. They read the sentence without any legal procedure. They forbade me from saying anything and quickly took me back to the detention center. Later, I was sent to the Yushu Prison.

Following are the sentences and names of Dafa practitioners: Li Lin for 4 years, Yang Zhanjiu for 7 years, Zhao Jisheng for 4 years, Feng Lijun for 3 years, Lu Shulin for 6 years, Zhao Ximin for 3 years, Huang Zhengguo for 6 years, Wang Shiqin for 8 years, Hu Xiqin for 4 years, Yang Daguang for 10 years, Yuan Junfeng for 15 years, and Xu Hongbo for 12 years. All of them were illegally sentenced at various times.

During the whole ruthless persecution, I personally witnessed the legal system's personnel using outrageous means to treat Falun Gong practitioners.