How are you? It has been a long time since we have communicated. We really appreciate what you did. Right now we are all fine. We will also do the three things well. Every time we read a new article written by Master we are very inspired and encouraged.

When we learned how to formally withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), we all published our declaration in different ways. Over the last few months, more than ten Dafa practitioners have been illegally sent to prison. To our knowledge, they are all being held on the third floor of the Second Section. Right now the persecution of Dafa practitioners in the Second Section is very severe. Each practitioner is watched by two criminal inmates. They are not allowed to go downstairs or talk to other practitioners. They are forced to recite the prison regulation rules, report to the prison guard and watch television programs that slander Falun Dafa. Because many practitioners refused to recite the prison regulations they were severely beaten by the criminals. In fact, most of the practitioners who are sent to this section are beaten viciously by the criminal inmates.

In the middle of May, a Dafa practitioner (his name is unknown) was beaten so badly by criminals one night that his life was in great danger by the morning. The practitioner was sent to Qingjiang Hospital at Jintang, Chengdu City, and is out of danger for now. The Second Section has concealed the truth about this incident and has lied by saying that his condition was caused by illness. This Dafa practitioner has already informed his family of the truth and asked them to sue the responsible parties.

Currently there are more than 20 Dafa practitioners in the Second Section. Except the more than ten practitioners who have just been sent here recently and restrained on the third floor, the others are practitioners who have been here from one to two years. The prison authorities force them to perform intense physical training every day to torture them. The prison frequently locks them in the strict-monitoring team, and forces them to participate in high strength drilling. The prison gives them very little food to eat. The practitioners are forced to run 80 laps every morning and 80 laps every afternoon. Every day they are forced to stand in the "army corps" posture from 7 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. in the morning and stand for more than one hour under the sun in the afternoon.

1. Dafa practitioner Yang Yourun (from Guanghan City) has been held in the strict-monitoring team for a long time. In the strict-monitoring team the criminals frequently beat him under the prison guard's orders. A criminal named Lan Wei manages the strict-monitoring team and often incites other criminals to beat the Dafa practitioners.

2. Dafa practitioner Luo Xiaoxing (from Panzhihua City) was caught talking to another Dafa practitioner by criminal Liu Dequan of the Second Section. Liu Dequan immediately rushed him, broke his thermos and dragged him for several feet. After that, Liu Dequan put him in the strict-monitoring team for a few months.

Right now, every noon hour more than ten Dafa practitioners from the first floor are forced to stand under the sun for more than an hour for refusing to recite the prison rules. Every Saturday and Sunday, all practitioners are forced to sit under the sun to recite the prison rules. These kinds of corporal punishment and beatings happen to Dafa practitioners throughout the prison, but this fact is rarely known outside the prison.

A lot of practitioners are held in the transition team (a team set up to give orientation to new comers) for one to two years and are not allowed to see any people or family members. This is also a form of persecution, and it violates the regulations (the regulation clearly states that people can only be held in the transition team for two to three months). The purpose of not allowing them to have visitors is because they are afraid of people finding out what they are doing to Dafa practitioners. This is the situation of what is happening in the prison right now.

All right, we hope things are well on your side. Let us all try our best to do the three things well in order to reduce the persecution and end this persecution as soon as possible.


Dafa practitioners from Deyang Prison, Sichuan Province

Names and phone numbers:

Deyang Prison, Sichuan Province (publicly called Deyang City Nine Five Factory, Sichuan Province): zip code 618007
Warden: Ma Aijun
Prison Politics Section, Deyang Prison: 86-838-3820225
Supervisor of the Second Section of Deyang Prison: Zeng Guofu
Instructor of the Second Section: Chen Ping
Police officers of the Second Section: Cui Weigang, Zhang Jun