Head of the Communist Party at Luxun Arts Institution Mr. Liu Xiaohua, along with other personnel, recently arrested and detained Ms. Wang Wanning, a female postgraduate student of Building Decoration Studies. It is suspected that Ms. Wang has been sentenced to education through forced labor. Liu was responsible for persecuting and murdering Falun Dafa practitioner and Luxun Arts Institution student Gao Rongong.

Sources say officials secretly arranged special agents to monitor every Falun Gong practitioner at Luxun Arts Institution. These people could be classmates, teachers, or other personnel around practitioners. Wang Wanning was clarifying the facts about Falun Dafa to her classmates and distributing truth-clarifying VCD's when one of her classmates Liu Cheng reported her to Liu Xiaohua, the current Communist Party general secretary at Luxun Arts Institution. Liu then colluded with the 610 Office, the public security bureau, and the cultural relics protection bureau to arrest Wang.

Gao Rongrong was murdered not long ago, but the authorities at the Luxun Arts Institution have already committed new crimes. During the period when Gao Rongrong's face was disfigured from torture to the time of her murder, Liu had avoided Gao's family. He did not show any concern over Gao's death.

In June 2003, Gao Rongrong was arrested for handing out Falun Dafa materials to postgraduate students by former Communist Party Secretary Zhang Chen, current institution chancellor Wei Ershen, Deputy Secretary of the Communist Party Wang Hong, Propaganda Minister (also the director of the 610 Office at the Luxun Arts Institution) Sun Jie, Head of the Security department Tian Liwu, Mr. Qu from the 10th branch office of Shenyang City Public Security Bureau, (now the national security division) and the head of the Finance Department Jia Shuping. These people colluded with the Shenyang City 610 Office, the Heping Sub-station of the Shenyang City Public Security Bureau and Xinxing Police Station in Heping District. They illegally kidnapped Gao and sent her to Shenyang City's Longshan Forced Labor Camp. Gao was brutally tortured and her face was seriously disfigured from electric shocks. Gao was eventually murdered by people at Masanjia Forced Labor Camp in Liaoning Province. During this period, Gao's family sought help many times from Wei Ershen, Wang Hong, and Sun Jie. The family hoped that these people could correct their crimes and release Gao, but they rejected the family's requests. Wei's attitude was especially fierce. When Gao was murdered by the evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP), deputy secretary of the CCP Wang Hong and the head of the 610 Office Sun Jie went to Gao's home and threatened the family to have the body cremated immediately.

Today, the incident of Wang Wanning has once again exposed the ugly faces of the CCP's followers who persecute kind-hearted people. While Gao Rongrong was being murdered by the evil CCP, rainstorms, hail, and lightning descended on Shenyang City, reflecting a warning from the heavens to the evildoers. Wei Ershen is reported to have contracted nasal cancer.

We urgently request the unconditional release of Falun Dafa practitioner Wang Wanning.

Relevant telephone numbers:

Luxun Arts Institution
Address: 19 Sanhao Street, Heping District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province;
Postal code: 110003;
Telephone: 86-24-23932651, 86-24-23890043 (Inquiry), 86-24-23890395 (Inquiry), 86-24-23940126 (Supervisor)
Fax: 86-24-23930671
Luxun Arts Institution High School
Address: 146 Wanghuazhong Street, Dongling District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province;
Postal code: 1100045;
Telephone: 86-24-88269590 (Inquiry)
Liu Xiaohua: 86-24-23938515
Liu Cheng: 86-13889314962
Building Decoration Department Secretary Wang: 86-24-23931135