In recent years, we have often gone to some public areas in nearby towns and cities where there are relatively more people to distribute truth-clarification materials. Every time, with our righteous thoughts, no matter what kind of interference we met, we eradicated the evil, safely delivered the materials to people who have predestined relationships with us, and returned safely.

Once, a fellow practitioner and I took a bus to a nearby town with two bags of truth-clarification materials. When the bus was passing the boundary between two cities, suddenly four policemen stopped the bus and two policemen got on the bus. They shouted at passengers and asked them to bring out their luggage for examination. The atmosphere in the bus immediately became very tense. The fellow practitioner and I had gotten on the bus half way, so we could not sit together. She sat in the front row and I sat in the last row of the bus. Under this situation, the fellow practitioner looked at me, and I pointed a finger towards my mouth [reminding her not to say anything.] She nodded her head right away. We were very calm and without fear. I sent forth powerful righteous thoughts, "We are validating the Fa. We do not allow any evil to interfere!" The two policemen started to examine luggage one by one, beginning from the back row and working towards the front. They rudely turned the luggage upside down. In the back row, there were five passengers and I was in the middle. When the policeman came over to me, he did not shout nor did he check my luggage, as if he did not see me, but the four passengers beside me were all checked. When the policeman got close to the fellow practitioner, he went away immediately. He did not ask any questions or check her luggage, as if he did not see her, either.