(Clearwisdom.net) God's eyes have always watched the catastrophes that appear in the human world, finding opportunities to caution or warn humanity. Heaven's rage has resulted from the persecution of kindness by the wild recklessness of evil. When Heaven rages, various unusual phenomena will appear.

Gao Rongrong, a staff member in the Financial Division of Lu Xun Art College in Shenyang City, was shocked by electric batons for more than six consecutive hours. She was persecuted by Tang Yubao and Jiang Zhaohua and others in Longshan Forced Labor Camp on May 7, 2004, because she practiced Falun Gong. Gao Rongrong's beautiful face was severely disfigured. A year later, kind and tolerant Gao Rongrong was persecuted to death. That day was June 16, 2005. The Chinese Communist Party and the evil actions of Jiang's regime resulted in heaven's rage and people's resentment.

Since June 17, in China, most areas in Huanan and the central and eastern areas in Jiangnan have suffered severe flooding and disasters caused by continuous rainstorms. As of June, 2005, 22 provinces (including autonomous regions and municipalities) have experienced flood disasters. About 3.1 million hectares of crops have been affected, with 1.3 million hectares destroyed. Of the 44.4 million people affected, 536 died and 137 disappeared. The direct economic loss is more than 203.5 million yuan. The damage caused by the flood is higher than average when compared with the same periods of time in past years. Meanwhile, many areas in Huabei, Huanghuai, Jianghuai, and the Northwest have hot weather with high temperatures exceeding 35 Celsius (95o F) during the day. The central and southern parts of Hebei, southern Shanxi, northern Henan, western Neimenggu, and eastern Xinjiang have had hot weather surpassing 38 Celsius (100o F) in many areas. Among these areas, Turfan in Xingjiang had the highest temperature of 45.4 (114o F) Celsius, and Jishan in Shanxi with 42.3 Celsius (108o F). The south has floods and the north has drought. The sky is burning in China, the earth is crying, and the Chinese people are suffering without realizing the true situation.

Some people would regard these things as "accidents" or "natural" phenomena, because they don't know the "inevitable" reasons behind them. In the past, people knew or cared little about thunderstorms or rain, but gradually they have paid attention to knowing weather forecasts and predictions. With new developments in technology, data collection and processing have improved, and people are able to forecast certain weather conditions and possible disaster. Weather forecasts can now be predicted quite far in advance. This situation has led people to understand weather predictions as relatively "inevitable" rather than "fortuitous." However, the primary process of people mastering weather meteorology actually becomes an obstacle to the recognition of "inevitability." Although sometimes the forecast is inaccurate and many disasters cannot be avoided, tenacious people still blame the limitations of technology development. The weather forecast is something people can now understand, but the deeper reason behind all disasters is actually that which people cannot understand. These reasons have a close relationship with humanity's intentions, behavior, morality, and integrity. The ancient people said, "God's eyes are like electricity." They believed "Good will be rewarded with good and evil will be met by evil," and believed that disasters are warnings caused by man himself.

Today the Chinese Communist Party and Jiang's regime have been committing serious crimes in China by persecuting Falun Gong for more than six years. Gao Rongrong is the 2,584th Falun Gong practitioner to have been innocently killed by brutal persecution. Many unconfirmed massacres are happening secretly. Are the constant disasters in China only "accidental" or "natural?" If people can not make the correct choice between good and evil, nor recognizing the evil, or resisting the persecution, will disasters like this occur unceasingly? Stopping the brutal persecution to kind-hearted people by the Chinese Communist Party and Jiang's regime is actually helping those being persecuted, and also saving oneself. When heaven truly extinguishes the evil, those people who have made a right choice will rejoice. The good will be rewarded with good and evil will be met by evil. This is not a joke.