The family of Xin Baodong has come under persecution again. On the morning of July 21, 2005, Sanhe City police, together with Ma Zhixing from the Juyang town police substation, broke into the home of Falun Gong practitioners Xin Baodong and Gao Shuying and forcefully took them away. Xin Baodong escaped by jumping out of the vehicle, while his wife Gao Shuying was detained in Sanhe City Detention Center. Xin Baodong's eighty-year-old father and two children were once again placed in dire circumstances. When Xin Baodong's high school-aged children went to the police station to ask for their parents, the policemen said that they had not arrested them. The police then illegally detained the children. The current situation of the children is unknown.

The family of Xin Baodong and Gao Shuying have been constantly persecuted since the suppression of Falun Dafa began on July 20, 1999. Baodong and Shuying have been repeatedly detained by the police of Juyang Town and Sanhe City. They both have suffered tremendously from torture. In the spring of 2000, terrorized by police harassment, Xin Baodong's mother was sent to Sanhe City Hospital. The police broke into the hospital and took away Baodong and Shuying, who were taking care of her. They were sent to the city detention center, while Baodong's mother suffered neglect and became paralyzed.

At the end of November 2000, Xin Baodong was sentenced without cause to one year of forced labor. At the Wanzhuang Labor Camp, Langfang City, he was forced to work over 16-20 hours daily, and was physically and mentally tortured.

While Xin Baodong was at Wanzhuang Labor Camp, his wife Gao Shuying was sent to a detention center. She protested the detention through a hunger strike and was released several days later in critical condition.

At the end of 2001, Xin Baodong was released. In the spring of 2002, not long after he returned home, he was arrested again and detained at the police station. Xin Baodong was often beaten by the police and suffered a lot. Once, after Xin Baodong was beaten to the ground, he was wrapped in a cotton blanket and kicked by over ten criminals. Another time, ten criminals grabbed onto his body, lifted him up and threw him down repeatedly. The beating over several days caused severe internal injuries to Xin Baodong, and he could not help but utter muffled sounds, having great difficulty breathing. The head of guards said: "The Falun Gong practitioner intended to make trouble. Pay close attention. If he makes any sound again, just give his head a good kick." As soon as Xin Baodong fell asleep, he was kicked and woken up. He was never allowed to rest. By the ninth day, after a dozen criminals beat and kicked him, Xin Baodong could no longer stand up. The prison police were afraid that he would die and did not dare to take responsibility. They sent him to the city hospital for treatment. Because Xin suffered eight broken ribs and he was in critical condition, the hospital refused to admit him. He was later transferred to a hospital in Beijing. Several policemen were sent to the hospital to monitor the treatment, and they forbade disclosure of any news.

When Xin Baodong's wife Gao Shuying learned that he had been severely injured, she went to the detention center and demanded an explanation. The police did not dare to admit any fault and denied all of her enquiries. At the hospital, Baodong refused to cooperate with the doctors unless his wife was notified. The police had to send Gao Shuying to the hospital. After seeing her husband in critical condition with huge bruises all over his body, she took pictures of him in front of everyone as evidence of the police brutality. The police seized her camera and the film.

Many people from the general public spread the news across the city: "The police is so ruthless!" "Eight ribs broken in nine days." Actually, the tricks that the police used to persecute Xin Baodong were even worse than this. Because the police arrested him without reason and seriously harmed him, they were forced to pay all medical expenses and an additional thirty thousand yuan to Xin Baodong as compensation. Xin Baodong was released unconditionally.

Early in 2003, police began harassing Xin Baodong and Gao Shuying again. The couple could no longer stand such harassment and were forced to leave home. The police mobilized a great deal of manpower attempting to arrest them again. They also harassed their relatives, friends and neighbors. They even employed a long-term surveillance technique, with plain-clothes police officers watching them through binoculars nearby. These tactics greatly frustrated the neighbors. Several months later, the police failed to realize their purpose, so they posted a notice listing the couple as "wanted" and offered a reward.

During these years that the couple has been persecuted, the small store from which the family made a living was often closed. The family's income was seriously affected and they led a very difficult life. Xin Baodong's eighty-year-old father cannot take care of himself, and on July 22, 2003, his mother passed away under the enormous pressure.

By October 1, 2003, although the children of Xin Baodong and Gao Shuying, Xin Ran and Xin Fei were accepted into Sanhe First High School, the authorities of the education committee and First High School used all means to stop them from attending school because their parents practice Falun Gong.

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