(Clearwisdom.net) I have a friend Mr. A. We live in the same city in northeastern China, and he is a taxi driver.

After July 20, 1999, Mr. A talked to me many times and suggested that I give up Falun Gong and cultivate in Buddhism.

On December 12, 2001, I ran into him again. This time he said to me, "You must cultivate Falun Gong to the end. I witnessed the 'Tiananmen Self-Immolation.' It was made up to slander Falun Gong." He then told me the following shocking story.

"At midnight on January 22, 2001, several other drivers and I were in Beijing to sell used cars. We planned to leave at 2:00 a.m. in the morning, and Tiananmen Square was on our way. Since we were eager to make money, we did not sleep and left early. The traffic flow was stopped before we reached Tiananmen Square, and we were instructed to park by the roadside. We kept on driving for another several dozen meters and then we were stopped. Tiananmen Square was full of armed military police. There were policemen in uniform and also in plainclothes, and they all carried backpacks. There were no pedestrians. The police did not allow any drivers to leave their cars or talk to each other. We were not even allowed to open the car windows. As soon as our cars stopped, four military policemen surrounded the cars. A policeman scolded me as soon as I opened the window on my car just a little.

"By dawn, I could not take it any longer, and asked a young policeman, 'What are you doing here? Why can't we go?' The policeman said, 'I don't know either.' I heard the policemen talking to each other say, 'What kind of mission is this? The officials told us not to ask anything and to just maintain order.' A policeman complained, 'We can't even go home for the Chinese New Year.' Another one said, 'We will be paid double compensation and vacation.' Yet another one said, 'You wait and see, we will never get the vacation. When did the CCP ever keep its promises?' At that time one policeman saw that I had opened the window a little bit, and he yelled at me, 'Close that window and don't listen.' I said, 'I have high blood pressure and heart disease, and I need fresh air.'

"So I kept the window cracked open and continued to listen to their conversation, 'It has been eight or nine hours since midnight, and we don't even know how many people they have.' Another policeman said, 'It is not easy to make it flawless.' I asked the police people standing near my car, 'What are you doing here? Catching murderers?' The police people said, 'Catching Falun Gong practitioners.' I then asked, 'What did the Falun Gong practitioners do?' The police said, 'You will see soon.' At around noon, a path appeared in the crowd. Many luxury cars drove in and were followed by police cars. There was also a vehicle with video equipment. A policeman said, 'The high level officials are here. It should be over soon. We then can go home for the New Year.' I wanted to ask for more details, but an official came by telling the police 'Don't leak any rumors.'

"Close to 2 p.m., a path appeared again among the police, and five burned bodies were carried out. The police said, 'See? If you do anything the CCP does not want you to do, it will use any means to kill you. Who knows who these people are? It took us more than 12 hours to take care of them.' Seeing the miserable condition of these five victims, many people, including some policemen, were in tears.

"It seemed that the police knew what their next mission was going to be. They said, 'The Falun Gong will suffer next.' All the drivers at the scene understood that this was false evidence in order to persecute Falun Gong. It was pure slander. Since that day, I completely understood how evil the CCP is, and I realized that Falun Gong must be good.

"We all knew it was a made-up murder case to slander Falun Gong, but when I listened to the description of a witness, it still shocked me."

I said to Mr. A, 'Sooner or later the court will investigate this case. Would you dare to be a witness in court?" Mr. A said, "Yes, all the drivers at the scene on that day could be witnesses. I could find 100 drivers like me that can be witnesses. Later on, I drove a police officer, and I asked him how those burned people ended up at that location. His answer was, 'If the CCP wanted you to die, then you could not live.' I don't practice Falun Gong, but now I support Falun Gong."