During the evening of June 27, 2005 at 10:00 p.m., a few scoundrels from Jiepai Town, Mengying County illegally ransacked the homes of practitioners in the region. While they were fumbling around inside the practitioner's homes they claimed that they were officers from the police station. If any Dafa materials were found, they arrested the practitioners on the spot.

Seven practitioners, Wang Weilai, Yang Shizhen and spouse, Zhang Yujiang and spouse, Liu Xiaorong and Liu Guirong of Jiepai Middle School were arrested that night. They did not find any Dafa related materials belonging to the practitioners in Liu Zhuang Village, so they went again the next evening. That time they abducted Liu Shengqin's wife.

Witnesses report that during that night, the leader of the 610 Office from Mengying County, Cui Huandong, went to Jiepai to personally oversee the kidnapping. The practitioners were sent to Jiepai Town Police Station. Some practitioners were fined and some had their homes ransacked. They took away all the food and valuables from Wang Weukau and Zhang Yujiang's houses.

We heard that the scoundrels severely beat the practitioners. Witnesses said that when they took Wang Weilai back home to ransack his house, Wang Weilai's face was purple and blue, and he was walking with a limp.

Persons responsible for this kidnapping:

Cui Huadong, Mengying County "610 Office" Director: 86-539-4836789 (H), 86-539-4836905 (O), 86-539-4811681 (O)
Mengying County Jiepai Town Party Secretary, Hu Shoudong: 86-539-4821569 (H)
Mengying County Jiepai Town Bailiff: Peng Bo
Mengying County Jiepai Town government: 86-539-4568302, 86-539-4568301, 86-539-4568308
Mengying County Jiepai Town Police Station: 86-539-4568311, 86-539-4818669