Plaintiffs: Ms. Mu Yonghxia's family members, Mu Hongguo, Mu Yongyan, Mu Yongqin, Yin Weiping, Li Jingxuan, Li Guannan, Li Wenmeng, Yang Chen.

Accusation: Accusing the responsible personnel from Daqing City's Ranghulu Local Police Station for the wrongful persecution of Ms. Mu Yonghxia.


Bring those responsible for the persecution of Ms. Mu Yonghxia to justice in accordance with the law.

Compensate Ms. Mu and her family, in accordance with the law, for the emotional and financial losses that have resulted from the wrongful persecution.

Issue Ms. Mu an identification card and permission to live in the city through normal procedures; return all the personal belongings and possessions and legal documents that the police took and compensate for all losses that resulted from such seizure.

Facts and reasons:

Ms. Mu Yonghxia, 57 years old, lives in Unit 202 on the 2nd Floor, Entrance 1, Building 3, Rang District, Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province. She and her son's resident certificates have still not been issued merely because she practices Falun Gong (Editor's Note: the residential certificates referred to are special documents issued to all urban dwellers in China. Without such documentation, they may be forced out of the cities into even more difficult lives in the countryside).

Falun Gong saved Ms. Mu who was once critically ill. However, because she remains firm in her practice, she has suffered severe persecution. At the end of the year 2000 she was forced to "buy out the years of work experience (job seniority)." The perpetrators wanted to ruin Ms. Mu financially. She was arrested on the road and detained. As a result, her family has been broken up. Someone from certain government agencies broke into her residence and stole her personal belongings. She was compelled to become homeless and destitute. Her son was expelled from school and was unable to find a job. They were not permitted to have a residency certificate. Furthermore, she was again arrested and her health is now in a critical condition. Personnel from the local police station took all of her money, personal belongings and her ID card.

I. Falun Gong saved her from a critical illness

In the past Ms. Mu had heart, liver, stomach and kidney problems. She also was disabled from arthritis and classified as having a "second grade disability." She went for long-term treatment to no avail and suffered from daily misery. At the end of 1998 she started practicing Falun Gong. Soon after that she fully recovered without taking a single pill. Falun Gong saved her life. Her entire family was happy.

II. She paid a heavy price for consistently practicing Falun Gong during the persecution

On July 20, 1999, Jiang's regime started the extensive persecution of Falun Gong. At the end of 2000, because she remained firm in her cultivation, Ms. Mu was forced to "buy out the years of work experience (job seniority)" and became financially ruined. On May 5, 2001, personnel from Honggang District Local Police Station arrested her on her way to a relative's home and transferred her to the District Police Station. She was detained in the Daqing Detention Center for a month. After that, she was transferred to the Sa District Detention Center where she started a hunger strike to protest the illegal detention.

After 19 days, when she was already unable to walk, the Rang District Police Station and police officers Sun Huiwen and Wang (team leader) from the Changqing Local Police Station dragged her to the Daqing No. 3 Hospital (a mental hospital). She suffered severe mental and physical injuries in that hospital. She protested to the hospital authorities but they replied, "We can't do anything for you. You are a political issue. We are asked to treat you and this is how we treat you. We have no right to release you. If you want to leave, you have to get permission from the police station."

The police station controls the hospital. When they administered drugs to her she resisted. Hence, four or five hospital personnel used rope to tie her to the bed. They injected her with drugs that destroy the central nervous system. They also force-fed her with drugs that made her feel dizzy, caused her to have blurred vision and left her unable to stand straight. Her body was shaking, she often lost her balance and she frequently fell over. In the evenings when she had to use the toilet she fell and her knees bled. She had to crawl back to her hospital ward. Twenty days later, she was tortured so severely that her eyesight became dull. She became comatose. Later her friends rescued her.

After practicing the Falun Gong exercises for half a year she could physically support herself and went home. By then her husband had already remarried. Her over- 90-year-old mother had died due to long-term mental stress. During this time, police officer Sun Huiwen from the Changqing Local Police Station took 380.6 Yuan from her, which still has not been returned. Chu Yanchun, the principal of the Yuanwang Elementary School withheld over 9,000 Yuan from her buy-out payment. (In June 2000, this same principal also withheld close to 10,000 Yuan of her money after she came back from her appeal trip to Beijing.)

At the beginning of 2002 she and her son moved to their new residence, Unit 202, 2nd Floor, Entrance 1, Building 3 in the 3rd District. At around 1:00 p.m. on August 13, local policeman Cheng Long and several other officers tried to break into her residence. They struck the door, broke the lock and covered the peephole. Ms. Mu and her son firmly resisted and the ensuing standoff almost ended up with fatal consequences. Her son was not a practitioner. Worried that his mom would be tortured again, he wanted to use an electric discharge on the door to stop the police from entering, but Ms. Mu stopped him. By the next morning, her son became so exasperated that he wanted to break out with a knife and fight to death with the police who were blocking their residence. Facing condemnation from the local residents, at 3:00 p.m. the chief of the police station left with his men. For the safety of her son, Ms. Mu went into exile and became homeless and destitute so that the police could not find her.

A few days later, personnel from the Rang District Local Police Station ransacked several local practitioners' residences and arrested more than 30 practitioners. The police also ransacked her residence. Since she had already left, no one was arrested.

In the summer of 2004 her son was 19 years old. Because Ms. Mu had been persecuted, he had not been able to go to school regularly. He planned to start a small business of his own to make a living. Yet, since they did not have ID cards, she and her son had to go get one. For over a year, the Rang District Local Police Station officials created obstacles in every way, trying not to issue them the required ID cards. Her son was extremely frustrated.

On June 3, 2005, Ms. Mu came to the local police station again to get her residence certificate. She waited for the whole day, but they would not issue one for her. In the evening she went to practitioner Xu Shuzhen's residence to get some food. Unfortunately, it so happened that the local police station was ransacking Xu's residence at the time that she went there. The police snatched Mu Yongxia's handbag and arrested her. Inside the handbag were over 600 Yuan, a cell phone, a watch and some other items. At 2:00 a.m. on June 4, she was taken to Daqing Detention Center against her will and locked up.

Apparently Ms. Mu was severely beaten as her whole body was bruised and her chest hurt. She was unable to breathe. She had difficulty turning her body around. The prison guard urged a group of criminals to pull her off her bed and force her into a metal chair where she was compelled to sit for two days and a night. During this time she was unconscious for nearly ten hours and almost died.

Even now she still feels dizzy, experiences a rapid heart beat and someone has to accompany her at all times. Officials at the Rang District Local Police Station did not issue a residency certificate for her. They also withheld all the documents she turned in for the certificate application, including the original and photocopy of the receipts for purchasing and returning the house, evidence of residency and photos. The police would not return the money in her handbag, saying that the money was "evidence of a crime." Furthermore, they demanded her family address and threatened that in ten days they would go to harass her family one more time.

In summary, the persecution carried out by the principal personnel from the Rang District Local Police Station and the Daqing Detention Center against Ms. Mu has violated the Chinese Constitution. Their acts of ransacking a civilian's residence, confiscating personal belongings, arresting her, forceful seizure, etc. have seriously encroached upon this Chinese citizens' rights of residency and personal property. They violate Article 13 of the Constitution, that the country should protect the citizens' legal rights of ownership of property, Article 245 of China's "Criminal Law Code," that it is illegal to randomly search a personal residence, Article 248, that it is a crime to maltreat any imprisoned personnel, Article 251, that it is illegal to deprive citizens of their freedom of belief, Article 397, that it is illegal to abuse one's authority and position, Article 399, that it is illegal to break the law for personal benefits, Article 234, that it is illegal to intentionally injure others, Article 238, that it is illegal to unlawfully detain [people], etc. Their deeds also violate the "Administrative Punishment Law" and the "People's Police Law."

We should determinedly pursue the above stated crimes until all of the criminals are brought to justice. Justice in China should be upheld!