Li Hongxia from Zhenzhuang Village, Yangqiao Town, Lingquan County, Anhui Province has been missing for nearly six years

Ms. Li Hongxia, 25 years old, called Xiaofang as a child, started to practice Falun Dafa in 1998. On July 20, 1999, she went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa and nobody has heard any news of her since. Her family members miss her and are very worried about her.

Home contact: Liu Jingzhi, mother; Li Hongfei, brother.

Zhao Bingxin, a practitioner from Shanxi Province, has been missing for over two years

Mr. Zhao Bingxin, 42 years old, is from Shanxi Province. In 2001, he went to visit his sister's mother and then rented a place at Majiabao in Fengtai (we do not know the exact address). Zhao Bingxin has unshakable belief in Falun Dafa. It is said that in early May of 2003 he received a phone call, went out, and has never returned or been heard of by anybody since.

Mr. Zhao's sister, Zhao Guiying, is a practitioner too. She lives at Suit 904, Building 85, Jiaomengdongli, Fengtai District, Beijing. On July 19, 2001 she was taken away against her will by local police and later illegally sentenced to five years in Tuanhe Women's Prison in Daxing.

Zhao Guiying's home phone number: 86-10-67587196