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After hearing what Lao Xu said, we knew that the one who saved Shanshan was arranged by Master. We told Lao Xu and his family that Shanshan had been studying the Fa with us ever since she was only six months old, and at 18 months, she could recite Master's articles. They were greatly touched by her story and borrowed Falun Gong books from us to learn the practice.

The following are some photos of Shanshan after she started studying the Fa.

Upon seeing Zhuan Falun on her first birthday, Shanshan was so happy, waving her hands and shouting, "Fa! Fa! Give me, quick!"

We realized after the incident that without Master's protection, Shanshan's nose and mouth would have been filled with water and it would have been terrible! This is something that current science cannot explain. It showed that Falun Dafa is profound and supernormal. It also shows the boundless power and benevolence of our Master in saving sentient beings.

When Shanshan was six months old, I began to take her to Fa-study to watch lecture videos and study the Fa with the group. She especially liked looking at Master's portrait and reading Lunyu, the preface of Zhuan Falun. No one directly taught her anything, but at 18 months old she was already able to recite the five exercise verses. She said she learned it from the tape recorder. We then started to teach her to recite Master's articles. Soon she could recite more than ten of the shorter ones. When she was two years and seven months old, she had learned to recite many of Master's articles, including "Lunyu," "Broad and Immense," "True Cultivation," "Enlightenment," "Seeking Discipleship with Teacher," and "Stability of the Fa." She also learned to do the full lotus sitting position, with both legs crossed. She often said, "I am a practitioner."

Over the following two years, Shanshan experienced the symptoms of karma release, including fever, ear aches, and even swollen and bloodshot eyes. However, all of the ailments disappeared without medication. One time she took a fall and her pinky fingernail on her right hand was damaged and peeled off. Only five days later a new nail was fully grown, hard and shiny. Sometimes Shanshan would surprise us with startling questions such as, "When can I cultivate into a Buddha?" or "I have to study the Fa everyday to be able to cultivate into a Buddha, right?" Seeing her anxious face, we all couldn't help but laugh.

On the Chinese Lunar New Year's Eve of 1997, 18-month-old Shanshan was sound asleep on the sofa, wearing only a vest. Out of respect for Master Li, I set up an incense burner on the desk, and lit three pieces of incense to Master's portrait. I put both hands together and bowed three times. Suddenly Shanshan awoke and climbed down from the sofa. Barefooted and smiling, she toddled towards the desk and bowed to Master's portrait.

Master has taught,

"One should return to one's original, true self; this is the real purpose of being human. Therefore, once a person wants to practice cultivation, his or her Buddha- nature is considered to have come forth."(Zhuan Falun)

"When one's Buddha-nature emerges, it will shake 'the world of ten directions.' Whoever sees it will come to give a hand and help this person out unconditionally."(Zhuan Falun)

Now Shanshan is three and a half years old. She says almost every night, "I won't go to bed until I study the Fa." She holds Master's articles in both hands and reads (actually she memorizes them and later recites them from memory). She studies "Lunyu," "Broad and Immense," "True Cultivation," "Enlightenment," "Seeking Discipleship with Teacher," and "Stability of the Fa" each night before going to bed. She also asked me to read to her several parts of the cultivation stories of Buddha Sakyamuni and Buddha Milarepa. I asked her, "Do you understand the stories?" and she replied, "Yes."

One night past ten o'clock Shanshan was doing some drawing in the living room. I had just fallen asleep when suddenly she ran over to push me awake and started to cry loudly. I sat up and asked her what was wrong. She replied in tears, "I haven't studied the Fa yet." I was touched. I handed over Master's articles to her, and she stopped crying. After she finished reading the articles, she went to sleep. I feel that as adults, we should be ashamed if we have not made Fa-study our first priority. Ever since she was one year old, Shanshan could often see Faluns and a shield above the practice site in the park. She would point to it and say, "See the red Falun."

In the future, we will always take the Fa as our teacher and we will guide Shanshan to study the Fa. We will consistently make progress towards consummation. We promise not to let Master down.

Written on January 31, 1999