Singapore: Practitioners Protest CCP's Murder of Gao Rongrong (Photos)

( When the appalling photos of Ms. Gao Rongrong's disfigured face was first published on the Clearwisdom website in May 2004, the whole world was shocked. Despite the subsequent international concern about Ms. Gao's case, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) still brutally persecuted Gao Rongrong to death.

Russia: Anti-torture Exhibition Touches the People of Moscow

( On June 26, 2005, World Anti-Torture Day, Falun Gong practitioners in Moscow held an anti-torture exhibition on the square in front of the Moscow Art Gallery. They used display boards and simulated some of the countless forms of torture used by the Chinese authorities in their cruel attempts to force Falun Gong practitioners to renounce their belief.

Philadelphia, U.S.: Practitioners Clarify the Truth of the Persecution at Live8 Concert (Photos)

( To call on the G8 leaders to help Africa reduce poverty, the Live8 concerts were held in 9 cities in 4 continents. Through TV, radio, the internet, and cell phones, it was estimated that several billion people listened to the concerts.

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