(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Wu Chunlong from Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province, came home from the Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp showing no emotion, looking confused, reacting very slowly, and unable to speak. His family was very upset. It took over a month before he could remember even a little bit of what had happened.

At the end of 2003, Mr. Wu Chunlong was again sentenced to three years in a forced labor camp. The local authorities locked him up in Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp, where he underwent brutal persecution. Mr. Wu was first sentenced on November 3, 1999, to three years of forced labor. He was among the first group of 17 Falun Dafa practitioners sent to forced labor in Jiamusi City. Mr. Wu Chunlong and his father moved five times between late-2002 and late-2003 to avoid further harassment and surveillance by the local police.

At Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp, all practitioners are forced to do hard labor. When they were sorting beans in a workshop, prison guard Yang Chunlong summoned Mr. Wu to the office and made him stand by the wall. He said, "We found several articles by Teacher Li in your bed." Brigade Leader Liu Hongguang came in with several other police officers. Liu said, "We found some articles in your bed." They made Mr. Wu take off all his clothes and body searched him. Then one officer punched Mr. Wu's face saying, "I don't want to "transform" you. As long as you promise verbally to obey the rules, you can go back to work." Mr. Wu replied, "I am not making any promises." Then Liu said to the police officer, "Take him to the second floor."

One police officer punched Mr. Wu and pushed him out of the room while twisting his arms behind his back. Mr. Wu could not hold out against the seven or eight police officers surrounding him and beating him. He lost his balance, fell to the floor, and shouted, "Falun Dafa is good!"

The police rushed over to gag him. Yang Chunming brought in the tape and Yang Chunlong brought in the bed sheet. They dragged Mr. Wu to the second floor, threw him on an empty bed, and shackled him to it. Liu Hongguang yelled at him, "Go ahead and shout! Why don't you shout now?" Yang Chunlong used an implement to beat Wu on the face, and Liu Hongguang used an electric baton to shock his collarbones and his penis before he left. Zhao Yancai was on duty and stayed to watch him.

Mr. Wu went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution. Yang Chunlong threatened, "If you don't eat, we will force feed you." Force-feeding is very painful. The officers added milk powder and salt to some water and then injected the solution into his stomach. Mr. Wu developed diarrhea. On the third day, Liu Hongguang and Guo Gang beat Mr. Wu. They took turns coming to harass him to make him eat. He just ignored them. One day, Guo Gang tickled Mr. Wu's armpits, nostrils and ears with a feather. After a few days, Zhao Yancai used a small spoon to pry open Mr. Wu's mouth and poured in water. Mr. Wu spit out all the water.

A few days later, Mr. Wu became very confused and could not think properly. He vaguely heard the police officers talking. He remembered inmate Wang Fu carrying him on his back and Zhao Yancai pulling his legs. They bounced him down the corridor and put him on his bed. Because he was unconscious, Mr. Wu often urinated and defecated in his bed. During the seven or eight days when he was on a hunger strike, his muscles from his waist to his knees were numb and did not respond. He could not walk, had chest pains, felt cold, his mind was slow, and he could not think. Mr. Wu was emaciated. Several days later, he awoke while being dragged to the water room, where they poured cold water on him. Then he was dragged back. One day, Mr. Wu woke up in pain and saw inmate Wang Fu pricking his collar bones on the left. Wu Chunlong used his righteous thoughts to make the inmate stop. Mr. Wu often shouted, "Falun Dafa is good!" Once inmate Wang Fu stuck a towel soaked in diarrhea in Mr. Wu's mouth. Mr. Wu usually woke up unable to breathe because a towel was stuffed in his mouth. Mr. Wu Chunlong was then moved to a small meeting room in a remote hospital area. Several doctors sat in front of him. The police officers talked to the doctors for a while and then moved Mr. Wu back to the forced labor camp.

At 4:00 or 5:00 p.m. two days later, Yang Chunlong and Yang Chunming carried Mr. Wu Chunlong out of the premises and sent him home in a taxi. The officers forced his family to pay a 5000 yuan fine. His family did not have the money and paid only 200 yuan.

Jiang Zuoqi, Director of Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp: 86-454-8891958 (Office), 86-454-8247690 (Home)
Yao Debin, Associate Director: 86-454-8891931
Sun Dehong: 86-454-8891932, 86-454-8243824 (Home)
Xu Lifeng: 86-454-8891933, 86-454-8651855 (Home), 86-13904547855(Cell)
Fu Maosen, Chief of Staff: 86-454-8891890
Guan Dejun, Associate Chief of Staff: 86-454-8891948
Bai Jinfeng, Department of Political Affairs: 86-454-8891935
Xu Guiying, General Office: 86-454-8891938
Liu Hongguang, No. 6 Brigade (male) Captain: 86-454-8891924 (Office)
Guo Gang, Zhang Zhenhua (male), Associate Captains
Yang Chunlong, Prison Guard

June 16, 2005