(Clearwisdom.net) The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party is spreading widely and the evil forces inside the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) are very fearful. To hide their crimes and shift public attention away from the Nine Commentaries, the CCP has initiated a new movement called "Harmonious Society, Civilized City," to give the false impression that its rule is in accordance with upright Chinese law. Behind this facade, however, the CCP has ordered droves of police and security guards to search out Falun Dafa material sites and arrest practitioners throughout the country. According to recent reports on Minghui (the Chinese version of Clearwisdom.net), similar activities are being undertaken in many areas. Even though the CCP is no longer able to reach the same heights of persecution against Falun Dafa that they did when the persecution began, the motivation remains the same. Its goal of terrifying and bullying the public into following its evil path has not changed one bit.

1. The current harassment and roundup campaign reveals different characteristics from the one that happened on July 20, 1999.

Back then, the CCP arrested practitioners openly. It was a unified action all over the country. This time, though, they are acting quietly. Despite the fact that they try to arrest large quotas of practitioners, in areas where the practitioners have clarified the truth well, they are simply unable to do it. The CCP's old days have gone forever. Another factor is that now there are many fewer people that follow the commands of the evil forces willingly and loyally.

Since the persecution is more secretive and deceptive this time, it hasn't received much public attention. Some practitioners have even become careless, thus letting the evil forces take advantage of them. As Falun Dafa practitioners, we should clearly recognize the true nature of the persecution in the current situation.

Each time the CCP wants to either persecute a group of people or do other evil things, it first starts a new movement. With some "gentle" actions, it first turns public opinion against the group to be oppressed. After public opinion has been swayed, the public is required to participate in a new "movement" (a CCP term that refers the Party's various campaigns of oppression). By doing it this way, the CCP hides the true purpose of each specific movement. The current "Harmonious Society, Civilized City" movement is a good example. It harnesses the vast propaganda capacity of both the CCP and the government, using all of their vast resources to support this unconscionable movement. Ultimately everyone is coerced into participating in it in some fashion. The group of officials implementing this deception consists of police, municipal administrations, transportation associations, industrial and business associations, and neighborhood administration offices. Control is exerted everywhere, from the broadest public sectors to the smallest units of Party influence, the so-called "street committees", which maintain files on all local residents, in each building and even every basement. The general public is led to believe that this initiative is to fortify "public safety" and "the stability of society." What it actually does in this instance, in fact, is trespass on citizen's private lives, prevent the distribution of the Nine Commentaries, destroy Falun Dafa material sites, and monitor and arrest practitioners. No matter how the party changes its evil strategies during its death throes, its nature remains unchanged. As practitioners, we should negate its goals and expose its actions to the public.

2. The Nine Commentaries is capable of destroying the evil specter of the CCP.

As Falun Dafa practitioners, we should utilize as much of its potential as possible. At present, some practitioners still regard the Nine Commentaries with the attitude of ordinary people. This is the cause of much unnecessary suffering and tribulation. While some practitioners clearly recognize the nature of the evil specter of the CCP, they still hold the subconscious belief that we are "participating in politics." They are afraid that people will mistakenly view us as pursuing political power, and as a result, they tacitly endorse the persecution. The facts of the matter are that we are not pursuing any kind of political power and we should not live in fear of what others think of us.

"Yet cultivation practice is to improve yourself: You are already able to abandon the attachment, so why not also abandon the fear of attachment, itself? Isn't abandonment without omission a higher sacrifice?" ("Non-Omission," Essentials for Further Advancement)

In China, the CCP culture penetrates every corner of contemporary society. It has become so deeply ingrained in people's lives that they cannot survive or even speak without this evil culture. All practitioners in China, each and every one of us, have been brainwashed by the CCP party culture to some degree. We have become so used to it that we no longer even notice it. If we are not able to recognize it and clean it out, it will undoubtedly obstruct us.

Many non-practitioners have high praise for the Nine Commentaries. We should study the content of the commentaries ourselves very carefully. When people have negative reactions to the Nine Commentaries, it is usually a reflection of our attachments. When we learn to thoroughly understand the Fa at one level, the attitudes of other people will be correspondingly corrected. When the public cannot understand us, or when we are interfered with and repeatedly persecuted, what we need to do is look inside ourselves to see if we have really, truly understood the nature of the CCP evil specter.

The evil forces have never stopped persecuting Falun Gong. In some regions, though, where persecution was at first extreme, it later became less so. This illustrates how the evil forces are not capable of continuing once the righteous thoughts of practitioners have eliminated the power necessary for them to carry on. Persecution eases not because the evil forces want to decrease it, but because they are unable to continue as strongly as before. As disciples practicing such a great Fa, we all should meet its standard. Because we are cultivating in everyday society, though, we can easily be interfered with. When the environment was difficult, we disciplined ourselves well, and our attachments were not easily shown. Now that the environment has begun to relax, however, we have become easily attached to life's comforts, and we start to forget how practitioners should behave. This gives the evil an opportunity to take advantage of us. Everyday life is very complex. Living in such an environment, it is easy to become contaminated or moved by things around us. Teacher clearly pointed this out to us in "Teaching the Fa at the Western U.S. International Fa Conference." Even gods at levels close to the Three Realms are easily contaminated. Even they have to be periodically replaced, so it's no surprise that we must also constantly adjust and realign ourselves according to the Fa. Since we are Falun Dafa practitioners, with the help of Teacher and the Fa, we can keep ourselves from being moved as long as we use the Fa's guidance to correct ourselves.

3. Use this final time of the Fa-rectification period well.

Many practitioners have gotten off-track from the Fa due to their attachments to time. I feel this pressure also, but once we can calm down and carefully study the Fa, understanding the issue is not difficult. Usually it is our own attachments that block us from comprehending things.

Even though Teacher has addressed the issue of time in many of his lectures, it is still up to us to enlighten to the Fa.

"Those evil specters and bad people who have done evil to Dafa disciples are doing it only during this difference in time before the arrival here of Fa-rectification. The time it takes is in fact very brief. If mankind's time had been arranged to progress at the same rate as Fa-rectification, then this would have been over in the time it takes for a wave of the hand." ("Teaching the Fa at the 2005 Manhattan International Fa Conference")

How long will Fa-rectification take? For Teacher, it is just like a wave of the hand. Of course, because of differences between the various dimensions, time in each is different. In our dimension, it has been just over ten years so far. Once time has been accelerated, will this really be just a few minutes? We should utilize this very limited time efficiently to save more sentient beings, but not to increase our own attachments to the issue of time.

From another perspective, isn't time itself, as a god of our Three Realms, also a being that needs to be saved? How could we become attached to it?

After the Nine Commentaries was first published, many practitioners increased their attachments to time by starting to guess when the Fa-rectification would end. This intensified their attachments to time and led them to act unreasonably. Isn't this kind of behavior caused by our poor understanding of the Fa? Fa-Rectification requires all of the steps in its process to be completed. Eliminating the evil spirit of the CCP is to save the sentient beings that have been poisoned by the CCP party culture. It is a necessary step in the process of saving sentient beings, but it is neither the purpose of Fa-Rectification nor the goal of it. We, as Dafa practitioners, have to walk well along each step that Teacher has arranged for us, thereby catching up with the process of Fa-Rectification.

During the Fa-Rectification process, the mysteries have been unveiled one by one. We are already able to feel the bright future ahead of us, as well as the greatness of the Fa-Rectification. Meanwhile, the Fa has also endowed us with many more duties to complete. We should cultivate ourselves even more diligently, or else we will not uphold the great privilege that Teacher has imparted to us.