(Clearwisdom.net) The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party has now been published for over six months. Recently, the number of people quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) on a daily basis has stabilized. It appears to have reached a plateau. This is mostly due to the technical difficulty of submitting requests from China using the Internet. Many Chinese simply do not have the freedom to access the Internet. A reasonable assumption can be made that the number of people who have actively quit is significantly smaller than the number of people wanting to quit. Nonetheless, people inside and outside of China are concerned that the rate of withdrawals appears to have leveled off. People wonder, given the number of CCP members, how long will it take for them all to quit? I would like to share my thoughts on this from a cultivator's point of view.

Teacher said in Lecture Six of Zhuan Falun,

"In qigong practice, those of you whose qi cannot go through a pass or come down should look for reasons within your xinxing to determine if you are stuck at that level for too long and whether you should upgrade your xinxing! Once you truly upgrade your xinxing, you will find that qi coming down. You cannot only pursue transformation of gong in the physical body without emphasizing improvement of your xinxing. It is waiting for you to upgrade your xinxing--only then will you make a holistic change."

Many practitioners, especially those in China, have been working tirelessly for the past few months to tell people about the Nine Commentaries and the wave of Chinese citizens quitting the CCP, in hopes of removing people's misconceptions and notions about the CCP, Falun Gong and the persecution. Many practitioners have shared their experiences related to this. So how is it that the number of people quitting the CCP on a daily basis is not steadily increasing?

Many practitioners have realized that in every period of time, there are practitioners who lag behind in the Fa-rectification. There are people who wrote the Guarantee Statement, but did not issue a "Solemn Declaration" due to the attachment of fear and other similar attachments. Such practitioners are not currently able to play an active role as Fa-rectification disciples. These practitioners need our support (and indeed many practitioners are assisting them). It's worth our efforts to help these people to return to their true selves during the Fa-rectification. In fact, a lot of practitioners are awakening daily and returning to the path of cultivation to focus on the three things. The Nine Commentaries are playing a role in helping those practitioners who fell behind to wake up, but it is not just for them that we have the Nine Commentaries. Spreading the Nine Commentaries can save all people by giving them a chance to have correct opinions toward Falun Gong and Dafa.

Practitioners in China form the main body of Dafa disciples. Faced with this major issue, do we expect practitioners in China to do more or should we try our very best to support them and alleviate their pressure? Instead of waiting for other practitioners to improve, we should improve ourselves and fulfill the things that we are supposed to, because we are cultivating as one body.

From a different perspective, have the practitioners in China done their best? Sure, there is room for improvement. However, the situation in China is very complex. A great deal of the practitioners can catch up with the Fa-rectification process and have cultivated very well. They have put in a tremendous amount of effort in letting others learn the facts about Falun Gong and the persecution over the last six years, thus saving numerous sentient beings. Practitioners who have gradually come to step forward during the persecution have also had a positive impact on the situation. They have also contributed a lot to the spread of the Nine Commentaries and toward helping others to quit the CCP. Nevertheless, just imagine if the practitioners have to collect, type and send all the requests to quit the CCP overseas, what an undertaking it is for them, not to mention other projects they also need to shoulder.

The reality is that that which practitioners in China can do to send out requests and announcements is limited, due to the difficulty in accessing the website set up for this purpose. To improve the situation, we need to open up other avenues so that people can send out the requests themselves.

Those who have been working on spreading the Nine Commentaries need to improve as well. For example, some have been focusing on the distribution side, but have failed to collect the requests or list of members who want to quit the CCP. Overseas, practitioners have not pushed forward the Nine Commentaries in combination with the seminars, marches and rallies that have been taking place against the CCP. Many people have read the Nine Commentaries and wanted to quit the CCP, but did not know how.

In addition to the above three aspects, there is another issue. Over the past few months, many people who don't practice Falun Gong are spreading the Nine Commentaries and talking about them to the extent that the evil party is powerless in preventing its distribution. Teacher has said that in the future everyone will be against the persecution. The fact that non-practitioners are now spreading the Nine Commentaries must be related to the upcoming worldwide anti-persecution campaign. If practitioners inside and outside of China can think of ways of making it easier for others to help, then more non-practitioners will get involved in spreading the Nine Commentaries and opposing the persecution.

If practitioners outside China can think of more ways to allow people to submit their requests on their own instead of waiting for practitioners to collect the information, there will be a breakthrough. If we can cultivate ourselves better, no evil can stop us from doing what we should be doing.

These are some of my initial thoughts. I would like to invite other practitioners to share your thoughts and come up with more ideas so that we can all do even better. Thank you.