(Clearwisdom.net) There are twelve Dafa practitioners in our neighborhood who stay in contact with each other, and we have two Fa-study groups. In my group, there are four practitioners, and we are responsible for pick-up, delivery, and preparation of truth clarification materials.

After the housework is done in the morning, we four practitioners either exchange ideas or teach new practitioners the exercises. Between 2 and 5 p.m. is our Fa-study time; we send forth righteous thoughts together before and after we study the Fa. Taking a break from Fa-study, we review the list of names of those who've made the "three renunciations" (renouncing the Chinese Communist Party [CCP] or its affiliated organizations) from the previous night. At night, we go out in groups of two to clarify the truth.

We used to concentrate on clarifying the truth to our families and friends, persuading them to renounce the CCP, the Youth League and the Young Pioneers. Although we've talked to nearly all our relatives, we continued to clarify the truth to them. Meeting friends or acquaintances while out shopping or running errands, we clarify the truth to them as well; those who understand the truth are usually willing to sign the "three renunciations" right away. No matter what situation it is that brings us into contact with people, clarifying the truth to them is urgent, as so many sentient beings are waiting to be saved and time is short. During our discussions on how to best clarify the truth, we were inspired by a Clearwisdom.net article about practitioners who ride bikes everywhere to clarify the truth. Every night when we go out in pairs, we walk through the streets and alleys. We stop where people gather and clarify the truth; people who understand sign the "three renunciations" immediately. The four of us have gotten as many as twenty signatures a night, though we usually get between five and ten signatures. We've sometimes met people who didn't want to listen to us, and some have even tried to report us, but we are all safe under Master's protection.

There are many people who go outside to keep cool in the summer, and this is a very good environment to clarify the truth.

It is very easy to clarify the truth now. Sentient beings are all waiting to be saved. If we care about sentient beings we can do anything, because we are particles of Dafa.