(Clearwisdom.net) Over 100 Falun Gong practitioners are detained in the Nanmusi Forced Labor Camp in Sichuan Province and are suffering severe persecution.

1. Forced Labor

The Falun Gong practitioners are forced to do work such as knitting flowers, screening pig hair, making drug bags and making dolls. The Camp authorities profit from this work. They have to work for sixteen hours a day or even longer. Some of them cannot finish the high quota even though they try their best. Failure to finish the quota results in an extension of work time and punishment at the policemen's will.

Wang Jihong, a Dafa practitioner who was not able to finish the quota, was forced to work for two days without sleep.

2. Spiritual Persecution

Those practitioners who have refused to "transform", have declared their words or deeds under pressure null and void, or have asked for unconditional release, are periodically asked to take exams with answers that insult Falun Dafa and defame Teacher. Those who refuse to take such exams or do not supply the desired answers, are tortured by being confined in a solitary compartment, locked up in a small cell(1) or sent to a disciplinary unit.

3. "Personal cangues"

Each Dafa practitioner detained there was targeted by two or three "personal cangues" - the criminals designated by the police to forcefully control the practitioner's behavior. The practitioners who do not give in are usually attacked verbally or beaten. They have to stand facing the wall for long periods of time and are deprived of sleep or not allowed to wash their faces or take a shower. Even relieving their bowels is forbidden. Some are persecuted by electric baton shocking or being hung up with their hands cuffed behind their backs. One practitioner who refused to be transformed was forbidden to take a bath for one month in the hot summer and was not allowed to relieve himself. Furthermore, the criminals and the police berated and jeered him.

In November 2004, criminal inmate Qing Xiurong brutally beat Tong Guiqin. In April 2005, convicted drug addict Song Limei beat Tong into a coma.

4. Conceal the persecution

When they commit these forms of persecution, in order to keep it a secret, they usually close the door, stuff the practitioners' mouths with dirty socks, or commit the violence deep into the night. The practitioners have experienced all kinds of torture, such as sleeping on a steel bed, being hung up in the air and being beaten and handcuffed behind the back. Some of them are tortured to the state of mental disorder. Tong Guiqin and Luo Min, only in their forties, were tortured to the point where the hair on their heads turned white. Lu Yanfei, the People's Representative of Suining City was persecuted so severely that his body became deformed and he was emaciated because of the torture. The director of the county office, Zhu Yuehui is still locked up in a small cell.

Recently, the camp authorities provided three classes of food for the detainees. However, the determined Dafa practitioners were deprived of all freedom and had the worst food.

The practitioners who protest the brutal persecution by going on hunger strikes are force-fed highly concentrated salt solutions, using a tube. Then they cruelly step on the practitioners' stomachs. Sometimes the solutions are fed into the lungs, which cause them to become inflamed and to fester. Some fellow practitioners have been persecuted to death's door by this torture. When they were on the verge of death, within several days, the jail physician took a brief look at them and then the practitioners were sent back home. Some practitioners passed away. Huang Yufang was killed this way.

We urge virtuous people all over the world to speak out and protest the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China.

(1) A small cell is a room of less than three-square meters. It has no window, no bed, no water, and no toilet. The practitioner is locked in a small cell for months, having to eat, sleep, and excrete in the same small area. Since the height of the room is less than 1.5 meters, the practitioner cannot stand straight. To exacerbate the agony, the guards often handcuff the practitioners to the small cell door so that the pain prevents them from being able to sleep.