Mr. Shi Sanchun, a Falun Dafa practitioner, lives at the third division of Shiyue Village, Qingquan Town, Xishui County in Hubei Province. He worked as an electric welder. He has always been honest and kind to others.

At around 8:20 p.m. on June 9, 2005, over twenty people from the Xishui County, Hubei Province, Public Security Bureau arrived in three police vans to Shi Sanchun's home. Wearing plain clothes and with police batons in hand, they broke into his home. Seven to eight police officers cornered Shi Sanchun and beat him. Shi shouted, "Why you are you arresting me?"

At that time, the family had not had dinner. His two children, two nieces and his wife tried desperately to stop the police. Alerted by the sudden screaming, cursing, and crying, several dozen neighbors arrived and witnessed the violence. However, knowing that there were still more police in the van, no one dared to say anything.

Shi Sanchun was suffocating. His face became pale and he could not speak. His hands were twisted behind his back. The police ruthlessly kicked him. He was only wearing shorts at the time. He sustained injuries and was bleeding all over. At that point a group of vicious thugs still forcefully dragged him into their van.

Shi's wife, Hua Li, was also brutally beaten for helping her husband. She had wounds all over. Her hands were twisted behind her back and her legs sustained abrasions.

Shi's son, Shi Ming, was only fifteen years old. He was also beaten by the police. With arms forced behind his back, he was pressed down to the ground, and restrained.

Shi's daughter, Shi Liu, was also pushed and harassed by the police, causing mental devastation.

Shi's older niece was fifteen years old. Trying to stop the police from taking her uncle away, she held on to Shi Sanchun and asked, "Why do you arrest such nice people as my uncle and aunt?" When the police dragged Shi to the police van, she desperately blocked the door of the van. The police forcefully pulled her off and threw her two-meters out of the way. Consequently, she was bruised all over. The police shouted furiously, "We will arrest you too!" She fearlessly replied, "Go ahead! You even arrest students!"

One person among the onlookers could no longer hold back and cursed the vicious thugs in a low voice.

Seeing the principal of her school pass by, Shi's daughter Shi Liu shouted for help, "Principal Zhou, please help!" Ignoring the scene, the principal left in a hurry while Shi Liu sadly cried.

To carry out their abduction of Shi, the group of vicious thugs from the Chinese Communist Party harassed and wounded Shi Sanchun and all five of his family members for over twenty minutes.

The phone number of Division 1 of the Public Security Bureau: 86-713-4236102

Feng Aiguo, the director of division 1 of the Public Security Bureau: 86-13387112083 (C)