(Clearwisdom.net) Senbao is a young Falun Gong practitioner in Henan Province, China. He has just turned 7 and a half years old. He often listens to Teacher's Fa lectures with his grandparents. On Senbao's seventh birthday, Teacher opened his Celestial Eye. Since then, he can often see miraculous and beautiful scenes in other dimensions.

1. Slaying Demons with Righteous Thoughts

While sending forth righteous thoughts, Senbao often looked around intensely with his eyes widened in amazement. Sometimes he anxiously told his mother what he had seen immediately after they finished sending forth righteous thoughts. He said many demons from other dimensions had come and they had disintegrated them with righteous thoughts. Senbao also said that there are four Buddhist gods guarding them and there are young children on the lotus flowers emitting radiating light.

On May 5, 2005, while Senbao was sending forth righteous thoughts, he saw a fierce battle between good and evil in another dimension. Afterwards, he sketched what he had seen. He showed and explained his sketch to his grandparents and his mother. According to Senbao, as soon as everyone finished chanting the formula, "The Fa rectifies the cosmos, the Evil is completely eliminated," he saw the Chinese character 滅 (Mie) starting to form in another dimension and emitting golden light. Next, four instances of the Chinese character 死 (death) appeared and each emitted golden light. Each instance was bigger than the previous one. Everywhere the golden light touched, the demons and the evil beings turned into ashes. Then an octopus came forth from another dimension. It spewed poisonous juices and poisonous bubbles, which became numerous demons. Next, a black Eight Diagram (the symbol of Taoism) came and many rotten demons jumped out of the Eight Diagram, and came at us directly. At this pivotal moment, a giant golden shell flew in from another dimension and caught all of these demons. There were four Buddhist gods standing on top of the golden shell with golden ropes in their hands and with powerful light. They destroyed countless demons. Then a golden gate with two golden dragons on it appeared above the golden shell. The golden gate opened and sucked in all the dark minions, rotten demons, and the octopus. All the demons were then annihilated completely. Then a Falun came and smashed the black Eight Diagram into pieces. Teacher was standing on a lotus flower in another dimension. Teacher had blue curly hair and was dressed in a red kasaya. Teacher looked very tall, solemn and awe-inspiring. Teacher was watching over us while we sent forth righteous thoughts.

2. Eradicating the Communist Evil Specter

Ever since Senbao withdrew from the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) Youth League, he has been sending forth righteous thoughts to slay the demons above the "blood red flag" each time his school has a ceremony to raise the CCP flag. Teacher often helps Senbao send forth righteous thoughts. Each time the school raises the "blood red flag," the dark minions and the evil beings come riding on black clouds and turn into many poisonous spiders. They spew many threads of poisonous silk and wrap them around the "blood red flag." They absorb the energy from the "blood red flag" in this fashion.

Senbao emitted red light that penetrated the thick webs of the poisonous spiders. Then he emitted white light to seal the spiders' lips to prevent them from absorbing energy from the "blood red flag." Next he used his supernormal ability to turn the dark spiders into puddles of blood. However, five giant spiders survived. Senbao asked for Teacher's help to slay the remaining demons. Teacher then gave him five colorful balls of light and energy, which enveloped the giant spiders and then destroyed them.

3. Teacher's Hints

After Jiang Zemin announced the ban of Falun Gong on July 20, 1999, Senbao's grandparents hurried to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. However, police illegally arrested them and threw them into prison. A sad, gloomy atmosphere suddenly shadowed Senbao's family.

One day, Senbao's mother lacked righteous thoughts. She began to think, "Cultivation is so difficult. Why don't I just give up?" To her surprise, Senbao told her the first thing the next morning, "Mom, Teacher took me to Falun Paradise last night. There was golden light everywhere. It is so beautiful. However, there were many lotus flower seats that were empty." His mother immediately realized that Senbao's words were a hint from Teacher to prompt her to continue cultivating. Soon Senbao's grandparents were released.

Senbao is a smart and adorable child, but he can be mischievous at times. One day Senbao saw the bananas offered to Teacher at the worship table before Teacher's framed portrait. He wanted to have a taste of the bananas. His mother said, "If you would like to eat the bananas, you must ask for Teacher's permission first." After a while, Senbao approached his mother happily and said, "Mom, Teacher talked to me!" "What did Teacher say to you?" "Teacher told me with a smile, 'I do not seek anything from the human realm. As a young cultivator, you must walk your cultivation path well from now on! May you complete your cultivation practice!"

When they shared Teacher's words with the rest of the family and fellow practitioners at their home, everyone felt all the more encouraged in his/her cultivation practice.

On the morning of July 3, 2005, while Senbao was practicing the Falun Standing Stance, he wanted to put down his arms and rest. His mother told him, "Why don't you tell Teacher what you are thinking?" Senbao stood in front of Teacher's portrait and saw the smoke from the three incense sticks turning into three Chinese characters, which meant, "Continue your practice." Senbao realized that Teacher was compassionately hinting that he should not stop practicing the Falun Standing Stance and that he should complete it. Senbao shared the story with the rest of the family. Everyone told him, "See? It is Teacher's hint. You should continue practicing Falun Standing Stance. Now will you or will you not finish practicing the Falun Standing Stance?"

Senbao nodded and replied determinedly, "I will!"

While cultivating themselves, Senbao's family members also carry the responsibility of assisting and guiding this young practitioner. Let's encourage each other and rectify our own speech and actions to complete our cultivation practice in the Fa-rectification period!