(Clearwisdom.net) We are all Dafa practitioners in the Fa-rectification period. We have done well in many respects to validate the Fa, but we often neglect the education of our children. We do not have much information about this either.

As parents, we have an obligation to guide our children to become young practitioners using the Fa principles. First, we need to do well both at home and outside and act like practitioners. If we cannot handle it well when others point out a problem about our children, that is the same as letting the children's demon nature run wild. Although the children are usually very healthy, they will become ill if we let their demon nature run wild. Master said,

"When one person practices a righteous way, the whole family benefits" ( "Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Australia in 1999," Chinese version, provisional translation subject to further improvement ).

We as parents should look inwards.

Here is an example. Both parents are practitioners. They are busy working from early morning to night. When they come home, one of them relaxes and the other is busy doing housework. They are neglecting their child's education.

Here is another example. Because some practitioners are detained for a long time, their children are taken care of by their grandparents and aunts, who are afraid of disappointing the children, so they spoil them. The children become very hostile, even to the people who are taking care of them. These children are not compassionate at all. But our practitioners still think they are passing tests, and they need to endure it to improve their xinxing. When the detained practitioner comes home and wants to show the child compassion, the child thinks the parent is weak. Fellow practitioners have pointed out that just talking to children with a low voice is not compassion and it also does not work well to talk with children who have no respect towards their parents. The parents say, "There is nothing I can do if he does not listen to me. Master said everyone has his or her own fate. When I reach consummation, I will leave. He is left in this human world." These words express disappointment, but they are irresponsible, and are not compassion. Fellow practitioners, we save sentient beings, why do we not want to save our own children? Everyday people would say, "What practitioner? His child is not as well behaved as mine."

Fellow practitioners, we need to cultivate ourselves well, and correct our behavior, and at the same time bring up our children well. They came here to obtain the Fa. We not only need to save others, but also to save our own children. That is our responsibility. There won't be another chance if we miss it.