(Clearwisdom.net) In June 2005, a statement of withdrawal from the Chinese Communist Party appeared in Lingbei Township, Lingyuan City, Liaoning Province. The Lingbei police demanded to know who had written it. When someone suggested that Ma Xiao might have done it, the police went to Mr. Ma Xiao's home to arrest him, but he was not there. On June 30, when Mr. Ma was on his way to the market, he was met by the police and pushed into a police car without any reasons being given. He was then held in a detention station.

On July 4, Lingbei practitioner Ms. Feng Guifen went to Mangnong Township of Ningcheng County in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to clarify the truth. Someone reported her, and the Mangnong police arrested her. The next day she was sent to the Ningcheng County Police Department.

Practitioners Mr. Du Haijiang from Wafangdian of Lingyuan City and Mr. Liu Shiwei, Ms. Wen Xiuxian and Ms. Li Shuzi, also from Lingyuan City, were arrested one after another during the month of June. Now they are being illegally detained. Ms. Wen Xiuxian and Ms. Li Shuzi have now been on a hunger strike for over two weeks to protest their treatment.

The Shanshijiazi police of Lingyuan City arrested Ms. Song Shuzi, a practitioner, in her home without a reason at the end of April. She is now imprisoned in the notorious Masanjia Forced Labor Camp.

Zhao Gouhai, chief of the Wafangdian Police Station: 86-421-6420004 (Office), 86-421-6865718 (Home), 86-13504216302 (Cell).
Liu Shaoquan, Political head at the police station: 86-421-6891513 (Home), 86-13500419533 (Cell).

Sanshijiazi Police Station: 86-421-6200007.

Lingbei Police Station: 86-421-6858007.

Lingyuan City Police Department:
Guo Shaolin, head: 86-421-6883101 (Office), 86-421-7816791 (Home), 86-13904912586 (Cell).
Yang Minhui, deputy head: 86-421-6883103 (Office), 86-421-6824813 (Home), 86-13904213390 (Cell).
Dong Zhimin, deputy head: 86-421-6883106 (Office), 86-421-6816719 (Home), 86-13904916066 (Cell).

Fu Yanling, National Security Brigade head: 86-13500416011 (Cell).
Chen Zhi, Deputy Head of National Security Brigade: 86-13842156895 (Cell).

Lingyuan City No. 1 Detention Center:
Yu Hailong, chief: 86-421-6883215 (Office), 86-421-6824383 (Home), 86-13904916383 (Cell).
Zhang Xianlin, political head: 86-421-6883216 (Office), 86-421-6882183 (Home), 86-13942106968 (Cell).

Lingyuan City No. 2 Detention Center:
Sun Lianshen, chief: 86-421-6883185 (Office), 86-421-6823998 (Home), 86-13942116989 (Cell).
Li Zhixue, political head: 86-421-6925583 (Office), 86-13842162635 (Cell).

Liu Zhixin, chief of the court: 86-421-6883501 (Office), 86-421-6810545 (Home), 86-13188171566 (Cell).