(Clearwisdom.net) The Uncompromising Courage art exhibition came to Milwaukee during the week of June 27-July 8th. Even before we could completely unload the paintings, people were curiously peering and asking questions about Falun Gong. Even though we have done several different exhibitions at UW-Milwaukee, about 800f the people who came had no idea that a persecution of such a large magnitude existed.

Art work: "Unshakable Faith"

Visitors viewing the art works

Many people felt shocked that such a persecution has been going on for six years and felt betrayed by the U.S. government and media for not exposing the evil. After I explained several of the paintings to one young student and answered his questions, he still was left bewildered that the CCP was killing people who practiced the principles of Truthfulness Compassion Forbearance. I found that he stayed in very close vicinity of me while I was explaining the paintings to other people and listening again to the information I spoke to him about already. I believe that he was in a grieving state and needed to be around a practitioner to help console him. I was deeply moved by his compassionate nature and innate knowingness.

An older gentleman came up to me and I gave him a flyer. He told me he saw the paintings yesterday and said, "It left me breathless." I thought those words summed up very well the exhibition.

Since many students were very busy trying to get to class, we found it best to explain just a few select paintings. The paintings are so incredibly beautiful, and explaining the artists' intentions leaves the viewer with a very good idea of the many lives this persecution has affected.

We put the art exhibition flyers in the mailboxes of the Asian Studies Department. We noticed that many Chinese visited the exhibition compared to other exhibitions held in the past at the university. Many Chinese said they were ambivalent about the communist regime but were not so sure about Falun Gong either. We kindly explained the paintings and with a compassionate heart clarified the truth of how the CCP uses propaganda to deceive the Chinese people. We could see the hearts of these deceived Chinese people start to open up. The exhibition really gave us the opportunity to expose the evil and explain the facts.

Even while we were packing up the paintings, we were still able to clarify the truth. One man came by and couldn't believe how beautiful the painting "In Harmony" was and asked us several questions about the painting. He said, "I just had to get out of my car to see this painting."