He once saved the life of over ten people, while he himself was seriously injured.
He received commendations several times, and was interviewed by the Military Committee.
He saved money to help a poor student to complete his studies.
He risked his life to rescue a young girl who had fallen down a steep incline.
He safeguarded the principles "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance" with his life.
He resisted firmly the evil persecution of Falun Gong.
He is a morally upright man, but the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) imprisoned him.

This man is Sun Lifu, a Falun Gong practitioner who lives by the principles of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance." He is an ordinary citizen, but he is noble, because he displays to the world the honesty, kindness, and compassion of a Falun Gong practitioner.

1. Leaving the Hope of a Bright Future for Sentient Beings

Mr. Sun Lifu is 48 years old. He was a military officer at the Railway Military Branch of Nancha District, Yichun City, Heilongjiang Province. He was then transferred to the Equipment Section of the Jiamusi Railway Bureau Branch Military Department as an assistant engineer.

Mr. Sun formerly served in the army, and on several occasions he was recognized for his outstanding achievements. The Military Committee interviewed him. Once, in order to keep his fellow soldiers safe, he accepted one of the most dangerous positions and was seriously injured.

Once during a military exercise at the Nancha District Military Branch, a civilian made a mistake when throwing a grenade. Mr. Sun risked his life to save over ten people's lives. Li Zheng and Sun Jihai were among those saved.

Mr. Sun saved money to help a poor student with the name of Ma Yonghui to finish his studies. He also risked his life to save Qu Lihua, a girl who had fallen down a steep incline.

Sun Lifu risked his life several times to save others. After being injured in the military, small shell pieces could not be removed from his body, which caused him considerable pain. After he began to practice Falun Gong, all of Mr. Sun's illnesses disappeared. Mr. Sun greatly appreciated everything that the founder of Falun Gong, Master Li Hongzhi, had done for him. He believed that by strictly following the Falun Gong principles of "Truthfulness-Compassion- Forbearance," he would show his appreciation to Mr. Li Hongzhi. Sun Lifu worked hard, cared about others, and gained the respect of the people around him.

However, because of his righteous belief, the wicked Chinese Communist Party (CCP) detained and tortured Mr. Sun. During his detention, his colleagues, former classmates, fellow soldiers, and especially those who were rescued by him have been trying to rescue him. But several CCP officers have instead persecuted him even more brutally.

Mr. Sun, who had saved the lives of more than ten people, was secretly sentenced to seven years in prison for his righteous belief in Falun Dafa. He is now detained in the 4th Detention Center of Jiamusi Prison, Heilongjiang Province.

2. For Refusing to Curse the Founder of Falun Gong, Mr. Sun Was Arrested, Tortured and Sent to Forced Labor Camp

In April 2001, police officers stopped Mr. Sun as he drove one of his colleagues to the home of relatives. Police officers forced everyone in the van to curse the founder of Falun Dafa. Everyone, including Mr. Sun, refused. The police officers shouted, "If the CCP wants you curse, you should curse. You can appeal wherever you like." Since Mr. Sun refused to curse, the police officers arrested him and physically abused him. While torturing him in detention, the police officers tried to have Sun Lifu step on a picture of the founder of Falun Dafa. Mr. Sun refused. So the police officers slammed him back and forth against a wall by holding his shoulders. They viciously kicked his bare feet and his upper body. They kept Mr. Sun from sleeping, forced him to bend his head down and stand against a wall for a long time. Such torture methods lasted three days and nights. Police Section Head Sun said, "We have a license to kill if we wish to do so." At a later date, police officers accused Sun Lifu of organizing Falun Gong practitioners to communicate with each other, and continued to detain him.

Zhang, the deputy head of the Boli County Police department, sarcastically told Sun Lifu, "You are just a driver. If you tell us what they were doing, we'll let you go." Sun Lifu said, "It's completely legal to visit relatives and yet you torture me viciously." Zhang said, "I am sure your van will be confiscated." To get the van back, Mr. Sun's family had to hand over more than 50,000 yuan to the police department.

Later, police officers in Boli County sent Sun Lifu to the Qitaihe Detention Center. At the detention center, police officers ordered criminal inmates to strip Mr. Sun and pour cold water on him during the chilly days of April. This resulted in Mr. Sun's hands and feet shaking with cold, and it affected his heart. Later, officers bound Mr. Sun and paraded him in public to humiliate him. Then they sentenced Sun Lifu to two years of forced labor. His family had to spend a lot of money to have him released for medical treatment.

Officers and units involved in the persecution of Sun Lifu:

The deputy group leader of the Boli County Police Detective Group, Heilongjiang Province
Sun, the head of the Security Section and three police officers
Boli County Detention Center
Zhang, deputy head of the Boli County Police Department
Qitaihe City Detention Center
A corpulent police officer at the detention center

3. Brutally Tortured for Three Days and Nights

On April 27, 2002, because he was caught delivering Falun Gong truth-clarification materials, Sun Lifu was arrested by plainclothes police officers and tortured brutally. Mr. Sun described the tortures he suffered.

"Between around 5 to 6 p.m., I was taken to the Nancha Police station. They covered my eyes with dark fabric. Two officers dragged me into a dark room on the 6th floor. After the light was turned on, I saw that the windows were covered on one side with black paint and on the other side with red paint. Stainless steel rails encircled an area where a steel Tiger Bench was placed. They tortured me mainly with the Tiger Bench. They wanted to find out the source of the Falun Gong materials.

"They shackled me to the Tiger Bench. In front of the bench, there was a steel table. If you leaned over it, your neck would be right on the edge of the table, which would make it hard to breathe. A very strong light was in front of the bench. They adjusted the light and had it shine into my eyes, greatly irritating my eyes. They took turns keeping me awake, and did not allow me to eat or use the bathroom. One police officer said: 'We will let you sit here for seven days and nights. There will be maggots on your bottom and they will be everywhere inside your pants.' The steel bench cut into my flesh and damaged my urinary tract. I was tortured on the bench for three days and nights. The pain is indescribable. The police officers said, 'We are the police, specifically trained to torture people like you. It is the CCP who allows us to suppress you. We'll torture you until you go crazy and suffer a mental collapse, and then we'll send you to the Harbin Mental Hospital.'

"The officers who tortured me were in plainclothes and wore no identification. I can only describe their features. They had three groups. I called them A, B, and C.

"Group A monitored me and did not allow me to eat, sleep or use the bathroom. They forced me to stare into a strong beam of light.

"Group B: Officer Liu is the cruelest among them. He was the first to torture me on the tiger bench. He handcuffed my arms behind my back, and then attached my arms to the top of the chair. Then he stepped on the handcuff chain and put all his weight on me. After that he hit the handcuff chains with the handle of a mop, which resulted in cuts to my hands that were excruciatingly painful. Then he stood at the front top of the tiger bench, and pulled my handcuffed hands up with all the force he could muster. Therefore, my hands and arms became completely numb.

"Yet, they thought that this was not cruel enough. They pulled my handcuffed hands toward the front, attached a belt to the handcuff chain and tightened the belt to a rail in front of me. This pushed my neck down until it touched the front edge of the tiger bench. I fainted several times because of the excruciating pain. I came to after some time. I have not idea how long I was out. Then, I saw Liu pushing my arm joints back because they had been pulled too far. They also hit me with mop handles, and claimed that they would break my arms. They hit my head and face with belts and fists until my face was bloody and totally deformed. The officers then made fun of my looks. They stripped me, hit me with rubber clubs and kicked me with their leather shoes. My back is no longer straight. Injuries and scars are everywhere. My arms are disabled. I cannot move them or lift them.

"The Group C officers stepped on and twisted my toes until they turned black and were bleeding. They hit the inner side of my thighs and pinched the flesh on my thighs, which turned my flesh blue. One police officer would pull the handcuffs to the front, while another one pushed me downward by holding my clavicles. They repeated this torture many times. They inserted their hands into the flesh around my clavicles. The scars are still visible. Then the two officers would beat my back with leather belts and shoes. After a pause of several minutes, they would clutch where I was injured. They said, 'This way, his pain will be even more intolerable.'

"The tortures left injuries that will be very hard to heal. They include:

"Irregular heart beat. When my heartbeat becomes faster, the pain is unbearable.

Abnormal urine, gray-white in color. Extremely dry, painful and swollen throat. Difficulties breathing and pain in my back. My legs and joints became disjointed. I frequently twitch, which is also very painful. Headaches, so severe that occasionally I lose consciousness. My memory is no longer very good. My eyes are dry and hazy. My vision is getting worse. My hands are very dry and I have nerve-related pain. My ears ring. Problems ingesting anything."

Police officers at the Nancha District police station who persecuted Sun Lifu:

Group A: a corpulent man with glasses and one without glasses
Group B: two men with the family name Liu
Group C: two police officers
Liu Zhaohui, head of the police group
Police officers Liu Zhongwei, Liu Liguo
Zhang Chao, former police department head
Former Political and Security Section heads Han Zhenzhong and Shi Qingtao
610 Office: Li Xuemin, Lu Jiwei Zhuang Shanxue

4. Mr. Sun Is Suffering Torture, Brutal Forced-Feeding and Is Detained in a Mini-Cell at Jiamusi Prison

After brutally torturing Mr. Sun, the police officers conspired with other departments to have Sun Lifu secretly sentenced to seven years in Jiamusi Prison.

In 2003, the prison began intense brainwashing sessions. Sun Lifu did not cooperate and was tortured and locked in a mini-cell. He was not allowed regular sleep for over 40 days and he was forced to sit on a small stool for more than ten hours daily, from morning until 9:30 p.m. Mr. Sun was not allowed to move during that time. Police officer Liu Changyu hit Mr. Sun's head with a rectangular-shaped rechargeable lamp, and ordered criminal detainees to beat and shave Mr. Sun's head.

On December 18, 2003, Sun Lifu and another practitioner, Wang Jinin, refused to attend the morning exercises. Liu Changyu hit Mr. Sun's mouth with a steel lamp. After the beating, Liu asked publicly, "Who here has seen anyone being beaten?"

To protest the brutal persecution, Sun Lifu staged a hunger strike three times. Each time, he was brutally force-fed by the police.

In March 2004, to intensify the persecution of practitioners, Jiamusi Prison and Lianjiangkou Prison merged. The government invested a lot of money for a new prison building.

Currently, Sun Lifu and other determined practitioners are not allowed visits and are not allowed to leave the mini-cells. Every day, four criminal detainees are assigned to strictly monitor and constrain Mr. Sun's movements. Police officers frequently come to threaten him.

Since late April 2005, because Sun Lifu resisted the persecution, he is not allowed to leave the cell.

Other practitioners currently detained at the Lianiangkou-Jiamusi Prison include Zhang Yuansen, Feng Guoqing, Qin Yueming, Bao Yongsheng, and Zhang Zhimin.

At this time, Sun Lifu's former fellow soldiers, classmates, friends, colleagues, and the more than ten people whose lives he saved are trying to rescue him.

Relevant Units and Officers Responsible for the Persecution of Sun Lifu

Address of Jiamusi Prison: #188, East Anqing Road, Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang

Wang Dongsheng, Group leader at the 2nd Sub-detention Area of the 4th Detention Zone
Officers in the Lianjiangkou Prison:
Wang Zhanli (prison director), Ye Feng (deputy prison director), Liu Changyu (deputy prison director, very wicked)
Reform Section, 86-454-6865006
Wang Depeng (former head of the Reform Section, retired)
Chen Jian, Dong Daquan, Teng Xiang, Li Shuyuan, Li Yuming, Liu Xiaoqing
Head of the Fourth Squadron, Zhou Qingguo, 86-0454-8827136 (Home), 86-13512699338 (Cell)
Instructor Teng Shuliang, 86-454-8675119 (Home), 86-13039630000 (Cell);
Police officer Zhang Zhihai of the First Squadron, 86-454-8826262 (Home), 86-13115349014 (Cell)

Nancha District Police Station:
Lu Qingtao, former head of the Jianguo Police Station
Shi, police officer
Xue Yingfeng, current head of the Yuanshui Police Station
Police officers Zhang Qizhong and Sun Yakui