(Clearwisdom.net) In early September of 2002, the police illegally arrested 13 Falun Dafa practitioners. Following former president Jiang Zemin's ruthless policy regarding killing Falun Dafa practitioners ("It is not a crime to beat them to death, just accuse them of having committed suicide"), the police brutally tortured the practitioners.

Practitioners Mr. Li Yuhai and Tang Pinghu's hand joints were dislocated as a result of the torture. They were sent to the hospital to have their joints relocated, and an acquaintance actually witnessed the surgery. Sources have revealed that practitioner Mr. Huang Ruzhong was hung from the ceiling. Several days later, his pants were still left in the room he was tortured in. Practitioner Ms. Zhou Xiuying was in her 60's, yet after she was tortured, she was hung up for an entire day and night. The other practitioners were tortured at the police department for 11-12 hours. Practitioners' families hired a lawyer, but none of the practitioners were released, despite their innocence.

Practitioners Mr. Li Yuhai, Mr. Tang Pinghu, Mr. Huang Ruzhong, Mr. Huang Rufu, Mr. Zhao Wencheng and Mr. Wang Wenhui were illegally sentenced to 14, 13, 12, 8, 4 and 3 years of imprisonment respectively. They were detained at the Jiuquan Power Plant. Practitioner Ms. Zhou Xiuying was illegally sentenced to 9 years of imprisonment. Her family said that her blood pressure reached 180, but the Lanzhou Prison still refused to release her. They have extorted 30,000 yuan from her family. Recently, Ms. Zhou has not even been allowed to receive phone calls.

The local labor camp didn't want to accept practitioners who were sent there illegally, so the head of the detention center invited officials from the management section of the labor camp to dinner, to persuade the labor camp to accept the practitioners. Practitioner Ms. Li Xiuying was detained at the Provincial Women's Labor Camp in Lanzhou City. Due to the harsh conditions at the labor camp, she suffered heart disease and high blood pressure; however she was still forced to work in the labor camp.

On July 4, the local police abducted practitioner Ms. Xue Meiying from the mining area in Gansu Province. Details are still being investigated.

Names and telephone numbers of the parties responsible:

Mining Area Political and Legal Committee Party Secretary, Zhou Wanlu: 86-937-6766668 (Office), 86-937-6765425 (Home)
Head of 610 Office, Liu Jianquan: 86-937-6764421 (Office), 86-937-6765208 (Home)
Deputy Head of the 610 Office, Qin Jingjian: 86-937-6764603 (Office), 86-937-6765137 (Home)
Police Department Party Secretary, Vice Police Chief, Liu Guoqiang: 86-937-6764949 (Office)
Police Chief, Zhang Min: 86-937-6764454 (Office), 86-937-6763613 (Home)
Head of the Detention Center, Wang Bingyan: 86-937-67644235 (Office), 86-937-6765518 (Home)
Director, He Xiukui
Police Squad, 86-937-6764860
Head of the Police Station: 86-937-6764183 (Office)
Detention Center: 86-937-6764413
Detention Center Staff, Sun Yilin: 86-937-6763182 (Home)
Head of the Public Security Team: 86-937-6764235 (Office)
Policemen: Shang Xinhua, Li Jun, Liang Jiezhong, Fu Jing, He Zhengquan, Wang Yiming, Yang Xiaohui and Ji Yilang

Vice Party Secretary of 404 Factory, Feng Shiyong: 86-937-6764399 (Office)