(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Zeng Zhaoxin, in his 30s, lived in the family residential quarters of an alcohol factory in Nanyang City. On May 8, 2005, when he was at an interview at Yalan Company in Nanyang City, he was arrested and sent to the Shangzhuang Detention Center in Nanyang City. While being arrested, police violence caused him to suffer a serious fracture. Mr. Zeng went on a hunger strike. He has now been on hunger strike for more than a month. His body is extremely weak. More of his story follows:

Since Mr. Zeng went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong, he was fired by his company. He was therefore destitute and homeless. After he heard that Yalan Company was recruiting workers, he went there for an interview on the afternoon of May 8, 2005. He was arrested by the police from Nanyang municipal public security bureau. Right now, he is imprisoned in Shangzhuang Detention Center in Nanyang City and is suffering from persecution. There were another two people who were arrested at the same time: Bi Wenxiang, the boss of Yalan Company. (He has been released after his relatives and friends spent several thousand yuan to bribe relevant authorities). The other is Mr. Qiao Mingxi, who was the new security guard of Yalan Company who was hired only a few days prior to the arrest. As a matter of fact, Mr. Qiao was released only 20 days before the arrest after he had been imprisoned for three years and ten months by the Security and Defense Production Brigade, Wancheng District Public Security Sub-bureau, in Nanyang City.

Mr. Zeng did not cooperate with his captors as he had been wrongly arrested. During his arrest, his foot was fractured, so he was not able to run away. So far, he has been illegally imprisoned for almost two months. Mr. Zeng continuously fasted in protest. Instructed by the detention center police, the criminals in the detention center dragged him by his injured leg on the ground and used a homemade metal hook to open his mouth to barbarically force-feed him. At the beginning of his imprisonment, in order to persuade him to eat meals, the police allowed his family members to visit him. Later on, seeing that this did not have any effect, the police then did not allow his family members to visit him and threatened, "If Zeng Zhaoxin starves to death, the police will not bear any responsibility."

On June 4, Mr. Zeng was sent to the Nanyang Municipal Central Hospital for a medical examination. The doctor ordered that he must be hospitalized and treated. His family members asked the police to release him for treatment, but the police not only did not release him, but they still force-fed him every day. In addition, they shirked the responsibility and said, "This is all caused by him. All consequences will be borne by him."

Around July 2, in the hallway of Shangzhuang Detention Center, Mr. Zeng Zhaoxin, who was emaciated and had his foot wrapped in gauze, was pushed down on the ground by three policemen. His mouth was forcefully put into an iron brace. In front of many people, they barbarically force-fed him.

Du Siwei, (who seems to be a squadron commander), the police from National Security Production Brigade in Wancheng District, Nanyang City, and people under his leadership, beat Mr. Zeng's family members and a neighbor who went there with his family and threatened his family members not to say anything about this matter.

Now Mr. Zeng is on the verge of death and his life is in danger. We hope that all Falun Dafa practitioners around the world and other kindhearted people extend their helping hands to help rescue him. Let us together stop the brutal persecution of Dafa practitioners. Urgently rescue Mr. Zeng and Mr. Qiao and other Dafa practitioners.

Contact information of the persecutors:

Security and Defense Production Brigade, Wancheng District, Nanyang city:

Duan Xiancheng 86-13607639159 (Cell)

Du Siwei 86-13937766368 (Cell)

Police at the first Discipline, Shangzhuang Detention Center: 86-13949369998 (Cell)

The director of Wancheng District 610 Office: Li Xia (female) 86-13937700499 (Cell)

Nanyang Municipal 610 Office: Wang Tengyong 86-13837796906 (Cell)

Gaoxin District, Nanyang City: Zhang Shusheng 86-13937753582 (Cell)

July 06, 2005