(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Fa Zhengping is a physics teacher hired by the Yangjing High School in Pudong District, Shanghai City. He was arrested recently and severely tortured. His life is in danger.

On April 6, 2005, he went to a fellow practitioner's home for a visit where he found a group of elderly practitioners studying the Fa together. Since the person he was looking for was not there, he left the place around 10:15 a.m. and was arrested by a group of officers sent by the 610 Office. The officers were hiding in unmarked police cars.

A female practitioner, Chen, in her 70s, was also arrested in the building shortly afterward. The officers broke into the home of the practitioner around noon, and arrested all seven practitioners that were studying there.

Mr. Fa Zhengping suffered two years of forced labor in 2001-2003. He went through many mental and physical tortures. He was beaten until he vomited blood. He did not fully recover and was still very weak when they arrested him again. He was suddenly arrested and tortured, his life is in danger now. His blood pressure is 220 mm high, and he has fever of 103 oF. He was sent to Tilanqiao Prison Hospital for emergency treatment. He is now at Qingpu Labor Camp Hospital. The 610 Office still refuses to release him.