(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Wang Huilian is a young faculty member of Northeast Normal University in Changchun City, Jilin Province. In March 2004, she was illegally arrested and sentenced to one and a half years of forced labor. She was detained in the No. 4 Division of Heizuizi Women's Forced Labor Camp in Jilin Province, where Ms. Wang has resisted the persecution and refused to do forced labor. Many times she was not allowed to see her friends who had come to visit her. Time and again the labor camp brought her elderly parents from far away in an attempt to use their love to "transform" her and force her to give up her belief in Falun Dafa. Now Ms. Wang is on the verge of death because of the persecution.

When she was arrested, Ms. Wang was 32 years old. She has a Masters degree and was a lecturer at the College of Urban and Environmental Science in Northeast Normal University. She worked hard in her teaching and research. Before her arrest, she had been preparing to study toward a Ph.D. In people's eyes, Ms. Wang is smart and kind, loves life, and works very hard.

On March 7, 2004, the Chaoyang District Police Department, which is under the jurisdiction of the Changchun City Police Department; the Jianshe Square Police Station; and the Northeast Normal University Security Division worked together to arrest Ms. Wang with the excuse that she had kept in touch with other Falun Gong practitioners. After two days of interrogation, the police got nothing they wanted, so they put her in criminal custody on fabricated charges.

On March 9, 2004, Ms. Wang was taken to the Changchun City No. 3 Detention Center, which is located in Sheling. In response to Ms. Wang's unjust arrest, her friends condemned the police and also exposed her arrest on the Minghui website, the Chinese version of Clearwisdom. Since then, people from all over the world keep calling the police department, asking for her release.

Nevertheless, a month later, the police sentenced Ms. Wang to forced labor. When her family members questioned the police, the person who handled her case even said, "It would be better had her story not been put on the Minghui website. But now, since her case is on Minghui, the whole world knows about it and calls us. If we had released her, would that be out of our own willingness to release her or due to the pressure from around the world?"

In early April 2004, the Chaoyang District Police Department sentenced Ms. Wang to 18 months of forced labor. She is now incarcerated in the Jilin Province's women's forced labor camp, the Changchun City Heizuizi Forced Labor Camp.

Facing the verbal abuse, violent beatings, intimidation, and torture, Ms. Wang and other practitioners still use their compassionate hearts to peacefully and repeatedly tell the guards that Falun Gong teaches people to be good, that those who persecute kind people will receive karmic retribution, and that they, in the interest of their own future, should not persecute practitioners. At the end of December 2004, Wang Zhufeng, a guard from the No. 4 Division of the labor camp, beat Ms. Wang for laughing, because the guard thought that Ms. Wang was laughing at her. The beating turned Ms. Wang's face black and blue.

On April 22, 2005, Ms. Wang started a hunger strike in protest of her illegal arrest. Since that day, the No.4 Division of the labor camp has force-fed her twice a day. On April 28, Ms. Wang was sent to Changchun City Police Hospital, where the persecution continues. When people with a sense of justice call from around the world, the authorities still try to hide the facts and deceive people by denying that Ms. Wang is on a hunger strike and that she is being force-fed. After more than 30 days of cruel force-feeding, Ms. Wang's health has severely deteriorated, and her life is now in great danger.

Ms. Wang's home is in Yingkou City, and the phone number is 86-417-2819966.

The government branches and individuals involved in the persecution:

Changchun Heizuizi Forced Labor Camp:

Guan Wei and Zhang Guimei: 86-431-5384312, ext. 5104 or 6104

Northeast Normal University:

Sheng Lianxi, CCP Committee Secretary of the University, who is in charge of the 610 Office: 86-431-5099309 (office), 86-431-5099158 (home), 86-431-5643532 (office), shenglx@nenu.edu.cn or shuj@nenu.edu.cn

Dai Jitian, CCP Committee Secretary of the College of Urban and Environmental Science in the University: 86-431-5099561 (office)

Officials of the College of Urban and Environmental Science:
Meng Xianmin: 86-431-5098172 (office)
Wu Zhengfang: 86-431-5098452 (office)
Li Chengguo: 86-431-5098563 (office)
Shang Jincheng: 86-431-5098552 (office)
Liu Jisheng: 86-431-5098132 (office)

Shi Ningzhong, University President: 86-431-5099322 (office), 86-431-5099289 (home)

Liu Haimin, Deputy CCP Committee Secretary, in charge of the 610 Office: 86-431-5099645 (office), 86-431-5662862 (home)

The 610 Office and its Director Ye: 86-431-5099610 (office)
Yang Xiaohui, Deputy CCP Committee Secretary: 86-431-5098932 (office), 86-431-5099838 (home)
Zhao Ying, Deputy CCP Committee Secretary: 86-431-5697956 or 86-431-5099445 (home)
Zhang Zhiguo, Vice President: 86-431-5099109 (office), 86-431-5099588 (home)
Yang Zhong, Vice President: 86-431-5099403 (office), 86-431-5098556 (home)
Xue Kang, Vice President: 86-431-5690069 (office), 86-431-5098535 (home)
Ma Shang, Vice President: 86-431-5098798 (office), 86-431-5662413 (home)
Liu Yichun, Vice President: 86-431-5099168 or 86-431-5099789 (office), 86-431-5603523 (home)
Gao Weixing, University Security Section Head: 86-431-5099000 (office), 86-431-5709657 (home)
Zhang Tiemin, Associate University Section Head: 86-431-5099940 (office), 86-431-5689599 (home)

Chaoyang District Police Department:

Li Hongchen, Tang Kewei

July 3, 2005