Practitioner Mr. He Yuanhui from Liaoyuan City Died as a Result of Persecution

( Falun Gong practitioner Mr. He Yuanhui from Liaoyuan City, Jilin Province, was illegally sentenced to 10 years in prison in October 2002. He was tormented so harshly while detained in the Second Prison of Jilin Province that he became critically ill and looked like a skeleton. After Mr. He was sent home from the prison hospital, he was mentally disoriented and he would often forget to dress or eat, and he eventually died on June 25, 2005.

Mrs. Xu Hongmei, Separated From Her Baby Girl, Detained In Qiqihar City Labor Camp Beyond Term

( Tiantian has spent her childhood missing her parents. Her mother, Mrs. Xu Hongmei, was once again sent to a forced labor camp for a three-year term in April 2002. She has served her term, but is still being detained in Qiqihar City Forced Labor Camp in Heilongjiang Province. Soon after, her father Sun Weimin was arrested and detained in Tailai Prison in Qiqihar City.

An Account of the Persecution Suffered by Mr. Liu Yushu's Entire Family in Huailai County, Hebei Province

( Five members of Mr. Liu Yushu's six-member family practiced Falun Gong. The family resided in Tumu Village, Tumu Township, Huailai County, Hebei Province. After July 20, 1999, when the evil persecution of Falun Dafa started, Liu Yushu's whole family was illegally imprisoned many times by the local government. They were monitored and put under tight surveillance. Mr. Liu was imprisoned many times at the Shalingzi Brainwashing Class in Zhangjiakou City. Because he refused to give up his belief in Dafa, he was also sent to one year of forced labor.

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