(Clearwidom.net) Mr. Lei Lichun, from Guan'an, Sichuan Province, was arrested in June 2004 and sentenced to four years of imprisonment because of his belief in Falun Dafa. During his imprisonment, Lei Lichun has been mentally and physically tortured so severely that he is currently on the brink of death. His family asked the prison many times to release Lei Lichun. The hospital already issued a notice stating Lei Lichun's critical condition; the prison didn't want to receive him because of his critical condition, and the local detention center informed the concerned units handling the case from Guan'an to come and take Lei Lichun back. But the concerned units refused the release of Lei Lichun. Presently, Lei Lichun is in a critical situation; his wife has been forced to abandon her home, leaving behind two one-year-olds and their helpless, elderly parents. In addition, all their money was confiscated by the police. The following is Lei Lichun's appeal. He strongly requests that the concerned decision-makers respect the laws and release him, because he is innocent.

To the Leaders of Concerned Units:

I am a Falun Dafa practitioner. I was unlawfully sentenced to four years' imprisonment because of my belief in Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance. On June 19, 2004, I visited a friend in Chongqing. Upon my arrival at my friend's home, a group of plainclothes policemen from the Division of State Security arrested me and confiscated all my money and belongings. In the meantime, my non-practitioner wife was also arrested at her workplace. That evening they wanted to detain me at the detention center of Pipashan, Chongqing City. However, because of my illnesses, the detention center rejected me. Then I was sent to the Police Station of Guang'an Police Station, and later on to the Division of State Security. At the Division of State Security, policemen Luo Cheng, He Shibing, and others locked me in heavy handcuffs and shackles, and forced me to stay awake day and night for several days. They would beat me or swear at me even for blinking. They took turns torturing me physically and mentally all day long. I had not done anything illegal, yet they charged me with conspiring with a [slanderous term omitted], to violate the laws. But they did not have any evidence or witness to explain when, where, and what law I had broken.

I have never joined any religion or evil [slanderous term omitted], and neither did I use them for any purpose. I only believe in Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance because I want to be a good person with high moral standards, and not fight back when others mistreat me. What is the problem with believing in Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance? Is it evil to teach people to be good?

On the other hand, who are those setting themselves above the law and ignoring the Chinese Constitution, the Criminal Laws, the International Human Right Pact, Anti-torture Pact, and other laws, and brutally persecuting innocent people? We who follow Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance are sent to brainwashing centers, fined, sentenced to forced labor camps, sent to labor reeducation camps, or even tortured to death only because we do not want to give up our beliefs. Many families are broken apart, and relatives die because of the persecution. Policemen and officials from township governments often forcefully search our homes, without showing any warrants or IDs, or sneak into our homes and take away our belongings, including cash, bank books, appliances, furniture, art works, IDs, property papers, food, farming livestock, and poultry.

I am now detained in Huaying; my wife has been forced to leave our home; the money I left for my family was all confiscated by the police. At present, two babies, both only one year old, and two elderly parents in poor health, are left home by themselves without care and resources.

I used to suffer from tuberculosis and heart problems; these diseases have been under control since I have started practicing Dafa. I am currently unlawfully detained and the diseases have become critical again because I am not allowed to practice the Falun Gong exercises. The Chinese Medical Hospital of Huayin already issued a notice of my critical condition so that Deyang Prison refused to receive me. The detention center also required the concerned units from Guang'an to take me back and my family also requested my release. Yet the concerned units from Guang'an still refuse to release me. Even the leaders of the detention center think this is crossing the line. I do not know how much longer I can hold out under such unjust treatment.

I hope that the concerned people respect laws and life, and release me, as I am innocent!

This is my appeal.

Appellant: Lei Lichun

May 25, 2005