1. Officials at Yanqing Detention Center Continue to Illegally Hold Falun Dafa Practitioners

Mr. Shi Jianlin was on the staff at Yanqing County Food Bureau. He was seized one evening by police while he was clarifying the truth about Falun Dafa in public. He was sentenced to a three year prison term which is currently under appeal.

Mr. Zhao Dongwei, a computer teacher from Zhang Shanying Elementary School, was sentenced because he clarified the facts about Falun Dafa to his students and was reported to the authorities by one of the parents. (His prison term is unclear, if someone knows, please verify it.)

Mr. Li Zhenge was from Liubinbao Village, Liubinbao Town, Yanqing County. On March 17, 2005, he was deceived by police officer Zhang Zhengang from the Preliminary Hearing Office at Yanqing Detention Center and went with him to an undisclosed location. On March 28, police officer Chen Yumin from Yongning Town Local Police Station in Yanqing County brought an arrest warrant to his family. He was first held at Department Seven in Beijing Police Station and later, was transferred to Yanqing Detention Center. (Li Maoyong from Yanqing Procuratorate is in charge of his case)

2. The Recent Situation of Practitioners from Yanqing County Being Seized and "Reeducated through Forced Labor"

On May 18, 2005, Ms. Li Chunxiang from Mengzhuang Village, Chengguan Town, Yanqing County, was forcefully taken away from her home by Yanqing County police. The next day, she was sentenced to two years of "reeducation through forced labor" in Daxing Forced Labor Camp.

Ms. Wang Fengqin and her husband Mr. Li Lianzhu were from Gujiaying, Chengguan Town, Yanqing County. In May, when they were working in their fields, they were suddenly taken by police to a labor camp.

On June 1, 2005, practitioner Ms. Zhao Xiumin, from Sijiaying, Chengguan Town, Yanqing County, was abducted from her workplace by Yanqing County police. In the afternoon, the police informed her family that Ms. Zhao had been taken to Daxing Forced labor Camp for "reeducation through forced labor".

On June 1, 2005, Mr. Huang Chunji from Wuliying Village, Chengguan Town, Yanqing County, was forcefully taken to a police vehicle by seven plainclothes policemen and the Security Director of Wuliying Village Wu Guangfa. On June 2, he was sentenced to two years at "reeducation through forced labor". Before the kidnapping, the police had come to his home to harass him many times. On March 12, 2005, his home had been searched and he had been taken to Yanqing Detention Center and unconditionally released that afternoon under his just resistance.

Ms. Lu Xiuzhi and her husband Mr. Liu Zhengyu were from Xiguan, Chengguan Town, Yanqing County. On June 4, 2005, when they were preparing to go visit their 87 year-old father, they were abducted by the police from their home and taken to a detention center. The elderly man still doesn't know that Ms. Lu and Mr. Liu were arrested, although presently Ms. Lu has returned home. Her husband remains in prison at Yanqing Detention Center.

On June 17, Ms. Lu Fengqin, from Xiangying Village, Xiangying Town, Yanqing County, was abducted by police from Jiu County and her husband walked away with righteous thoughts. Now he is wandering around and can't go home.

Meanwhile, it has been confirmed that three practitioners who were arrested at a Falun Dafa materials site in 2004 have been secretly sentenced to terms in Daxing Jail. Practitioner Mr. Zou Xiong was sentenced for four years, practitioner Ms. Xing Geli was sentenced for five years and practitioner Mr. Cheng Chunma was sentenced for six years.

Information about the authorities and police who are responsible:

The 610 Office from Yanqing County:

Liu Lianshan, Liu Herong and policeman Lu (last name, he has done many bad deeds and is afraid that someone may take revenge on him. He once said to practitioners, "For as long as I live, if someone bullies my wife and my child, I will shoot him dead.")

Yanqing County Police Station:

Once at a meeting Ye Guoqing said that "We must severe with Falun Gong practitioners". His telephone number is: 86-10-69142837;

Li Mingyi is the deputy chief in charge of persecuting Falun Gong and his telephone number is: 86-10-69101877 (office)

The National Security Section in Yanqing County Police Station:

Section head Yu Shenxiu is very wicked; a family member once practiced Falun Gong, and his mother-in-law also helped him to persecute practitioners. His home telephone number is: 86-10-69101626; his mother-in-law's home telephone is: 86-10-69142338 and his brother's home telephone is: 86-10-60181714

The policemen from the section are Li Jinhe, Gushiliang, Li Aimin and Jiang Shuliang whose wife works for Yanqing County Detention Center and also beat practitioners many times. Jiang Shuliang's home telephone is: 86-10-69142709; the phone number of the Preliminary Hearing Office in Yanqing Detention Center is: 86-10-60158680

The political instructor at Yaqing Local Police Station Zheng Aimin; his cell phone number is: 86-13506427644