(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioners in China have demonstrated the tortures administered to them while they were held in the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp of Liaoning Province.

1. Practitioner Li Suyun demonstrates the torture methods applied to her.

Ms. Li had been jailed in Masanjia for 6 months and she was tortured almost every day. After half a year in Masanjia, her weight fell from over 50 Kg to only about 20 plus Kg. Seeing that she was dying, the Labor Camp released her.

Torture method: Standing upside down

"Cold House Torture": Open window and door in winter.

"Kick Face": Guards order criminal inmates to kick practitioner in her face.

"Flying Airplane"

"Hanging by handcuffs"

"Brutal Force-feeding"

"Shocked with electric batons"

The guards organizing the tortures included Political Supervisor Sao Li, Captain Lu Yurong, Captain Wang Guangyun, Political Supervisor Zhang Jun, and Captain Li Shuhuan.

2. Practitioner Liu Fengmei demonstrates being shocked with electric batons

Demonstrations: Shocked with electric baton

The guards who participated in the electric shock tortures are: Division Captain Wang Yanping, Squadron Captain Zhou Qian. These two shocked her and coerced her at the same time, "Write three letters or we will continue shock you." Other practitioners locked in nearby cells could hear the sound of electric sparks.

3. Tortures Li Jinghua experienced during forced brainwashing

Torture Demonstration

Guards participating in torturing Ms. Li Jinghua included the Captain of the 3rd Division Yang Yu, (Squadron) Captain Zhang Yan, and Captain of the 1st Division, Wang Yanping. The police tortured Li Jinghua to force her to give up her belief. They used sleep-deprivation, electric shocks, and "locked in small cage". Later, Li Jinghua was jailed in a mental hospital until she suffered a mental collapse from the abuse she received there.

4. Sun Xiuhua demonstrates how guards shocked her with electric batons

Electric Shock Demonstration

The guards who participated in torturing Ms. Sun Xiuhua included the Captain of the 2nd Division, Zhao Guorong, and guard Sheng Ying.

5. Practitioner Xu Xiuying was tortured with forced-feeding while she was on hunger strike to protest the brainwashing.

Force-Feeding demonstration

The guards who participated in torturing Xu Xiuying included Political Supervisor Zhang Jun and Division Captain Dong Bin.