(Clearwisdom.net) The Public Procurator Qin Chunzhi from the Procuratorate Bureau in Liaoning Province actively cooperated with the 610 Office and refused to give a medical examination report to Gao Rongrong's family after the electric shock disfigured her face. When she was arrested again, Qin Chunzhi threatened her family with intimidating comments saying if he himself was found to be responsible for this case, he would not be so lenient.

The Director and Vice-Director of the Jiaxing Street Heping District Police Station in Shenyang City and policemen Jin Dayong and Cao Gang all participated many times in the arrest of Gao Rongrong.

The Director of Security Tian Liwu along with a person with the last name Qu was with the No.10 Public Security stationed long term at Luxun Art Institute. These two continue to actively persecute Dafa practitioners and were particularly brutal in persecuting Gao Rongrong. They participated in repeatedly arresting her. The Director of the financial Department Jia Shuping was also involved in persecuting Gao Rongrong.

Vice Secretary Wang Hong (female) from Luxun Art Institute and Sun Jie, Director of the Propaganda Department (also the 610 Office at Luxun Art Institute), came to Gao Rongrong's home on June 17 and attempted to force her parents to cremate Gao Rongrong immediately. Gao's parents chased them out.

The Higher Education Union in Liaoning Province followed through with orders from Shenyang City 610 Office and Political Legal Committee's so-called "Special Case Team" and removed all evidence regarding Gao Rongrong from Luxun Art Institute, they also instructed the Institute that no one other than the "Special Case Team" was allowed to handle anything regarding Gao Rongrong. They prepared, planned and carried out the unjust arrest of Gao according to Luo Gan's instruction. In 2003, when Gao Rongrong discussed Falun Gong with a student and was reported by the student's wife, the Vice-Director from the Higher Education Union along with Zhang Chen, Wei Ershen, Wang Hong, Sun Jie, Tian Liwu, Mr. Qu and Jia Shuping increased pressure on Gao Rongrong. They later got together with Shenyang City 610 Office, Heping and Jiaxing Police Station to arrest Gao Rongrong and transfer her to the City Detention Center. Gao ended up in Longshan Correctional Facility in Shenyang where she suffered a series of tortures by way of electric batons shocking her face for many hours which resulted in severe disfiguration of the face.

The Director Wang from Masanjia Labor Camp and one member from the Political Committee also went to Gao Rongrong's home to pressure relatives to cremate Gao's remains.

There are three more important characters from among Gao Rongrong's killer list: Li Fengshi from Longshan Labor Camp, Director Zhu and Shi Fengyou from Zhangshi Labor Camp. Shi Fengyou personally told Gao's father: "Li Fengshi was at his wits end and asked me to talk with Gao Rongrong, I tried for half an hour, but I could not fix her." The individuals who arranged the arrest of Gao Rongrong were stationed at a little white building in the Zhangshi Labor Camp. One practitioner witnessed the Director of the Labor Camp Zhu and several police torture a male Dafa practitioner with electric batons while he was tied up in a bed, and forced him to point out Gao Rongrong's hiding place.