(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, we saw the Clearwisdom report about the death of quite a large number of Dafa practitioners, including the death of Ms. Gao Rongrong. Some practitioners who are not very diligent in studying the Fa think this is a manifestation of the desperate struggle of the evil, and therefore they have a somewhat passive attitude and feel as if there was no alternative. Some practitioners feel that all these manifestations are the old forces' arrangements and that we are not able to deny them amidst such a huge tribulation. They feel that it is impossible to deny the old forces' arrangements and that it has already been decided who would succeed in cultivation and who would fail and what level each practitioner would cultivate to. They also say that Master Li said he had wanted 200 million practitioners, but the old forces set the number at 70 million and even Master Li could not deny the old forces' arrangement, etc. I would like to share some of my understandings related to these issues.

In this cosmos, no matter how high a level one is at, if this being commits the crime of damaging Dafa, Master Li could easily take away his Fruit Status and strike him down with the turn of the hand. Master also could disallow this persecution from happening. As Master Li is carrying out the Fa-rectification, if any beings dare to block it, Master has the ability to eliminate them, no matter how many beings there are. However, Master Li came here to offer salvation to all sentient beings and he is fair to every being in the cosmos. He tries to repeatedly give opportunities to all beings (including the evil party). Master Li is also able to help us genuinely cultivate and return to our original true self and establish our own mighty virtue. Therefore, Master gives us the opportunity to improve ourselves and establish our mighty virtue through studying the "Fa" in the maze and genuinely improving our understanding of the Fa and upgrading ourselves. Those practitioners who have been persecuted to death have done very well in many aspects, but when strictly judged by Master Li's teaching of the Fa, they failed to use righteous thoughts to fully deny the old forces' arrangements. The reason these cases of persecution are allowed to happen is not that Master cannot deny them, but because we could not understand the Fa from within the Fa and failed to do well while following Master Li's requirements.

When the Fa-rectification comes to today's stage, Dafa practitioners are also becoming more and more mature in the persecution, and we are also seeing our own shortcomings in this persecution. The fact that we didn't have a solid enough understanding of Dafa and could not let go our human attachments is the reason why certain aspects of this persecution and those regrettable matters have happened.

I hereby would like to suggest that those practitioners in Mainland China to follow Master Li's requirements to organize group study and involve those practitioners who have not stepped forward yet. Let's turn our environment into one where the whole body is genuinely indestructible.

The above is just my personal understanding. Fellow practitioners, please kindly point it out if there are any inappropriate points.

July 6, 2005