Two Statements of Withdrawal from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Appear in Taishan Park in Pulandian, Dalian City

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Statements Announcing Resignation from the CCP Appear on the Street in Qitaihe City, Heilongjiang Province

On June 15, 2005, a statement announcing a person's resignation from the CCP appeared on a cement utility pole on a street in Qiezihe District, Qitaihe City.


Facing its Imminent Collapse, the Malevolent Party Uses All Means to Force People to Join

In a middle school at a village in East China, the teacher in charge of a class tried all means to persuade every student to join the Youth League so as to fulfill the quota for Youth League members assigned by the higher authorities. Student Zhang Aihua (alias) refused to join the Youth League, though the teacher tried to persuade him many times. Finally, the teacher himself filled out the form for joining the Youth League, and Zhang Aihua had to agree to join.

At a class meeting, the teacher in charge required every Youth League member to pay the membership fee. Zhang Aihua questioned the teacher in front of the class, "I said I did not want to join the Youth League, but you insisted that I join it. Now you want me to pay a fee. I won't do it. If I had money, I'd rather buy food than pay the membership fee. Whoever made me join should pay it." The teacher was afraid of being criticized by the higher authorities, and finally paid the fee for Zhang Aihua.