(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Dong Jingzhe once said, "Throughout the ages, when people look at their past, they will feel gratified by the memory of their maintaining kindness in life, if they ignored their conscience and chose otherwise, they would regret it. And there are some people who became enemies of the honorable, thus ruining their futures forever. I wish that all mankind would protect goodness and maintain their most precious thing in life - their conscience. Clarifying the truth about Falun Gong is not meant to create hatred towards the perpetrators, but instead, is meant to bring people a brighter future."

On June 22, 2005, when Ms. Dong's family came to pick her up from the Masanjia Labor Camp Hospital, she was on the brink of death. Her organs had failed and her limbs were paralyzed. Ms. Dong was arrested because she participated in the rescue of Falun Gong practitioner Gao Rongrong, who was dying due to abuse in detention. Ms. Gao had been beaten by the police at the Longshan Labor Camp in Shenyang City. They used electric batons on her for seven consecutive hours (Ms. Gao died of persecution in June 2005). Ms. Dong was again sent to a brainwashing class in the Zhangshi Labor Camp, and then to the Masanjia Labor Camp, where she was brutally tortured. From the beginning of her illegal detention, she undertook a hunger strike to protest the persecution.

Dong Jingzhe, age 32, was an advertisement designer. She graduated from the Shenyang Finance and Economics Institute with a degree in economics. At school, she was in charge of publicity for the student government. She also received the commendations of "Outstanding Student Cadre" and "Outstanding Graduate." Because she persisted in her belief in "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance" and clarified the truth to people, Ms. Dong was abducted from her workplace on May 24, 2001. On July 4, 2001, Ms. Dong was sent to the Longshan Labor Camp in Shenyang City for two years. On December 30, 2001, the perpetrators released her from the Dabei Prison Hospital, where she was dying. Police from the Longshan Labor Camp kept coming to her home to harass her. Dong Jingzhe was forced to become homeless to escape the persecution.

When the photo of Gao Rongrong's disfigured face (which was burnt by policemen using electric batons at the Longshan Labor Camp) was publicized in 2004, it caught the attention of the international community. In October 2004, with the help of a few good people, Gao Rongrong escaped from the hospital where she was being held. Then, Luo Gan, the head of the central 610 Office, ordered the arrest of all the Falun Gong practitioners who participated in rescuing Gao Rongrong. The Liaoning Province Political and Judicial Committee, Procuratorate, Justice Department, and Police Department all cooperated and participated in the ensuing abductions.

After Dong Jingzhe was abducted on March 5, 2005 by perpetrators from the National Security Team (Tiexi District, Shenyang City), two policemen shackled her to an iron chair. They tried to force her to tell them how she rescued Gao Rongrong. Ms. Dong didn't say a word. With handcuffs on, her left hand turned black and purple and her right wrist was bruised. The perpetrators interrogated her until late at night and got nothing out of her. One policeman told his supervisor that she didn't even tell them her last name. The supervisor said to send her to the Zhangshi Labor Camp brainwashing class, to kill some of her "haughtiness."

At the Zhangshi brainwashing class, the perpetrators gathered many people around Dong Jingzhe to interrogate her. These included former Longshan Labor Camp guards (Yang Min and others), several collaborators who knew Ms. Dong from the past, and the so-called "assistance and instruction group." Ms. Dong resisted the evil, and continued to refuse to tell them her name and birth date. On March 8, the head of the brainwashing class, Shi Fengyou, sent Dong Jingzhe to the Masanjia Labor Camp without a medical examination or proper documentation. Shi Fengyou said to the Masanjia Labor Camp guards, "A high-level official gave a special permit. You must accept her."

According to an inside source, Dong Jingzhe endured brutal physical and mental torture at Masanjia Labor Camp. In March, guards at Masanjia shackled her to an iron bed. They injected her with over 70 vials (five 500 ml. vials per day) of an unknown drug. The drug caused paralysis in her legs. Throughout the persecution, Ms. Dong maintained her steadfast belief in Teacher and Dafa from the very beginning; she did not cooperate with the evil and continued on the hunger strike in protest of the illegal detention. The guards at the labor camp force-fed Dong Jingzhe in a savage way. The force-feeding made her vomit blood and left her unable to open her eyes. She nearly lost the ability to talk.

Since March 31, the Masanjia Labor Camp regrouped the Falun Gong practitioners being held there. They put those who were steadfast and completely uncooperative with the evil into the 1st Division. The division head, Li Mingyu, claimed, "Dong Jingzhe intends to escape her legal punishment by resisting. She refuses to open her eyes, to talk, to eat, or to walk." The head of the labor camp, Su Jing, also intimidated Ms. Dong, "Not talking and not eating is a way of completely resisting the Chinese Communist Party and the government. By doing so, you are simply heading for a deadly end."

On April 1, the Masanjia Labor Camp intensified the persecution of the 144 Dafa practitioners who refused to give up their beliefs. The perpetrators gave them only black corn buns for food and did not allow them to take showers or wash their clothes. The practitioners undertook a group hunger strike to protest the persecution. One day, seven or eight camp guards unexpectedly rushed into the cellblock carrying rubber gloves, plastic sheeting, and police batons. They held the practitioners to the ground, covering their heads with the plastic sheeting. They forced the feeding tube into the practitioners. It was a torture-style, punitive force-feeding. The corridor was immediately filled with the heart-rending screams of the practitioners. Wang Jinfeng, Dong Jingzhe, Qiu Li and some of the other practitioners were almost suffocated from this torture.

Since May, the authorities couldn't succeed in force-feeding Dong Jingzhe. The stuff they tried to force down her stomach was vomited back up. Yet the camp guards still force-fed her twice a day and tried to compel her to give up the hunger strike. Suffering this continual torture, Ms. Dong's organs failed. She was dying. On June 22, after the perpetrators delivered her to the Masanjia Labor Camp Hospital, they notified her family to come pick her up.

The policemen who were directly in charge of Ms. Dong were Su Jing (director of the labor camp) and Li Mingyu (head of the 1st Division). Currently, there are around 20 Dafa practitioners in the 1st Division who continue on their hunger strike to protest the inhuman treatment. Some of the practitioners have been on the hunger strike for two or three months. The police have gathered some of the practitioners into the 1st Room under the 2nd Team of the 1st Division (there are two rooms under each team). They have been force-feeding the practitioners twice a day, in addition to injecting them with five vials of an unknown drug. After Dafa practitioner Song Lianying was forcefully injected with the drug, she lost most of the use of both of her legs. She couldn't bend her legs when using the toilet, nor was she able to walk easily. Many practitioners became paralyzed in their limbs after being forcefully injected with the drug.

Below is a partial list of practitioners who are currently on the hunger strike in the 2nd Team of the 1st Division at Masanjia Labor Camp:

Xia Yulan (age 59, from Shenyang City, professor; being detained for over three years, surpassed the release date by two months; on hunger strike nearly three months)

Dong Jingya (age 33, from Shenyang City, architectural designer; on hunger strike two months)
Meng Guiqiu (age 50, from Goubangzi City; on hunger strike over two months)
Gong Xuerong (from Dalian City; all her limbs are paralyzed due to persecution)
Wang Jinfeng (being detained over three years, surpassed the release date)
Sun Jiping (age 52; on hunger strike nearly three months)
Teng Shiyun (age 50, from Dalian City; being injected with unknown drugs, muscles have atrophied in both legs, unable to bend legs)

Dafa practitioners: please send forth righteous thoughts, make phone calls, or write letters to eliminate the evil and help fellow practitioners who are being persecuted. I call on every righteous and compassionate person in society to pay attention to and help the Falun Gong practitioners who are experiencing the brutal persecution.

Responsible parties at Masanjia Labor Camp:

Head of the 1st Division: Li Mingyu, 86-24-89210406
Heads of the 2nd Team: two males surnamed Li, and Liu